WordPress Blogroll has pretty good stealth ability. New to an instance. The other xp. Freakish happenstance. (Is the world coming to an end? Horde wins??!!)

It keeps disappearing on me. It’s there, like it’s playing a game or something, when I go look for it in the Blogroll section of the Dashboard. Then I review the page and it’s back.

Kara feels a lot like Molten Core.

Molten Core was easy-mode. ZG was tougher, AQ tougher still.

Kara is certainly easier, I think, than some of the 5-mans I face now. And Heroics? I’ve never even been in one.

My wife’s Droonda went to Black Morass without me last night. She was there to get her Master’s Key. I was having computer problems. Zone Alarm just fubared my machine. (So on a guildies recommendation I picked up AVG. So far, so good.) Anyway, she’s going to Black Morass. With a Shadow Priest (same that I went with), a Rogue, a Druid Tanking and a Paladin Healing. She was in charge of the adds and was just frantic. Being an Enhancement Shaman there really was no other role for her. I was sitting there beside her, telling her she was doing great, because she was. But the strain of being responsible for something this importat was getting to her. She was doing fine. I was just in awe of the numbers flying off her screen as she dual-wielded and got hits of 1000+. Some trinket dropped that upon getting a Crit her Attack Power would go up by 300 for a bit. And she won the recipe for the Stylin’ Jungle Hat. (Our Alliance Druids will be quite happy to be stylin’.) Alas the gig was up around wave 12.

The group reformed at the entrance. I was invited to take Droonda over. Msaker, finally, was sitting in Shattrath, /afk, ignoring the Kara invites.

I click a lot less. It’s enough to turn the attack train on. Throw down Stormstrikes with partnered Earthshocks, bring up Shamanistic Rage for mana regen (if I recall correctly), and away we went. Argh! 17/18 and we wipe. Dag. But, yeah, being in charge of the adds with an Enhancement Shaman that doesn’t raid much is kind of tough.

But, once she’s gotten her key and gets into Karazhan, she’ll be set. Because Karazhan is easier in a 10-man than doing some of these 5-mans. Just like the old days (kind of).

The other xp is what you get with time and experience. The ability to remain cool regardless. Things might be going bad, or not. It might look hectic, but you’re doing fine.

Blackhoof, my Resto Shammy, returned to the Wars. Healing up a storm to top the lists, getting a few Killing Blows in, getting as much honor as anyone on the Horde side out of the deal. And, dag, Horde won. What the heck is going on? Horde wins??? In Alterac Valley? Are the planets all aligned in the House of Mars or something?


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2 Responses to WordPress Blogroll has pretty good stealth ability. New to an instance. The other xp. Freakish happenstance. (Is the world coming to an end? Horde wins??!!)

  1. Gorespike says:

    Work friendly… e.i not blocked? =)

  2. Kinless says:

    Yep. I don’t smoke, I blog.

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