Raiding, easy mode.

I remember way back when my guild on Smolderthorn first started running Molten Core. We weren’t the first in MC, but we were there with the raiders. We were raiders. That guild moved up to be in the top 3 for progress on the server.

But those first times into MC, whoa. We had the advantage of some strategies that had been posted. So we knew things to do, what not to do. And we had decent gear. But, man, it was tough. Though giants and those dogs, and the imps, my god, the imps. Nevermind the bosses.

But, eventually, we’d gotten MC down to a one night affair, done in under 4 hours. Easy purples.

As of last night there is a new raider in my stable. Msaker. His first foray into Karazhan.

The rest had been there a few times now. Not all geared up. But there’s a few purples, out of Karazhan, on the rest of them. And gear bought with badges out of the heroics.

Anyway, it’s my first time, and I’m the off-tank. That means I tanked Midnight, double-tanked Moroes, and tanked Julianna from the Opera event. I think we had one wipe. Our raid makeup was 2 Warriors, 2 Shadow Priests, a Holy Priest, a Resto Shaman, a Holy Paladin, 2 Rogues, and a Warlock. So we had plenty of shackles, great healing, and good melee DPS. We stopped before the Maiden since they said that required ranged DPS and we had too little of that. No Mage or Hunter.

It was mostly a Rogue night with a lot of leather dropping. (Just like Molten Core!)

But, woot, what a blast. That was a lot of fun. And for my first time I’m certainly glad I got to go with capable and competent people.


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  1. Jon Hanks says:

    I remember when I started Karazhan, it can be pretty boring sometimes at the start but it does get rather fun once you’re sweeping through lots of bosses in a night. Best of Luck!


  2. Samownall says:

    Idd kara is stupidly boring some nights when you compare it to morogrim the next- but equally if you go with mates it can be fun mucking around on vent etc.
    Samownall – World of Warcraft Blog

  3. Anonymous says:

    You could do Maiden with that group set up. The rogues just need to take turns moving in and out of the damage area. And, as long as one healer is knocked out of the repentance (paladin or tree druid is very good at this), she’s cake!

  4. Lance says:

    I have an addon question what button mod are you using I like the way it looks.

  5. Kinless says:

    I’m using Bartender 3 for my action bars.

    CyCircled provides some skins for the bars and various other button like addons.

    Then AutoBar for the bar with consumeables and mounts and such. (Top right, below fubar.)

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