After adding the wife and I’s Horde 70’s to the database, I find Droonda on the first page of the Shaman’s when I sort on +Attack Power. She’s Enhancement, so “Yeah, baby, yeah!” #24 (88%) out of 209 total. Not bad for a non-raider. Blackhoof, logged out in his fighting gear, is at #57 (72%).

Msaker is #194 (58%) out of 466 with regards to Armor. That’s kind of disappointing. At least I’m #174 (62%) for Health, but that’s also no record.

Now I found I needed to add my characters so that they appeared. If you’re checking out Gankbang and don’t find yourself, and you’re level 70, don’t forget that you might need to add yourself to the database.

Other things I found interesting at Gankbang: Their numbers would indicate Shamans are the least popular class. Followed by Paladins and then Druids. Warriors, Mages, and, if you can believe it, Priests round out the top 3. (Where are all those Priests when you need them???)

Least popular classes for the Horde are Paladin, Druid, then Shaman. Least popular for the Alliance are Shamans, Warlocks, and Druids.

Warriors are the most popular for both, followed by Mages for both.

Hunters edge out Priests for 3rd spot for the Alliance. Whereas for Horde, Hunters are bypassed by Rogues, Warlocks, and Priests. They only beat out Shamans. Interesting.

Of course their sample size is only (“Only!” “ONLY!?” Dag!) 850,000, so quite a small sampling of the overall WoW population. (That’s just the 70’s, and only the 70’s the programmer’s noticed. I had to manually enter my own two and that of my wife’s. Being #24 she should have been there anyway, don’t you think?)


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  1. Doeg says:

    Cool site for character comparison!

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