Solo. Instance. Solo. Instance. Enhancement, or Resto? Resto. Or Enhancement? Resto. Chef.

Blackhoof got off his Tauren cowhide seat and flew out to Skettis to do his daily quest. What? The Dwarf had nothing to say to him. Doh. He needed to kill some Ogres first. Twenty of them in fact.

Back to Shattrath and a trip above Aldor Rise to where the Ogres are. Being a Resto specced Shaman, and having been in an Outlands instance, oh, four times, he was kind of the wrong spec for this lifestyle. Shield in one three fingered hand, and a Nexus Claw in the other, he took on Ogres one at a time. (Which is possible since they aren’t linked.) Every battle saw him at about 1/3-1/4 health when it was over. Don the healing gear (600 or so +Healing), recover, then reequip the fighing gear (950 or so +Attack Power), and move to the next Ogre.

Then I thought: “Well, hell. This sucks.” I went ahead and did the daily quest anyway. The birds managed to knock me off my mount twice. And fighting them was like pushing a wet noodle around. But, I finished that too.

(Reminds me of way back when I was gumming STV Trolls to death. Full Resto. BUT I did manage to leave a Human Paladin, same level, for dead anyway, after he killed my guildies Warlock alt. Ah, life on a PvP server.)

Then I thought: “Enough.” Ported back to Shattrath and hopped into the portal back home to Kalimdor, to pay the Shaman Trainer in Orgrimmar a visit.

Did I want to relearn my talents? Yes. Did I want to pay 15 gold to do so? No. Argh! Take it anyway. Reset my talents for the Enhancement plus a little Resto life.

Then I get invited into a group to go to Steamvaults. I can knock out three things there. I can get the Warlord’s head. I can pick up the orders for Lady V. And I can get my key fragment. But I’m Enhancement, not Resto.

The party, guild, consisted of a Warrior all in purples. Nice. He knew it. He had purples in his bag he wasn’t using. Nice. I’ve got purples too. 🙂 They’re all level 60 though. 😦

Anyway, the Warrior is excellently geared. A Rogue. Our guild’s 2nd-in-command, a Warlock. Another Shaman, and me.

This other Shaman I assumed was Resto. Isn’t everyone used to instancing Resto? But, no. He was Enhancement. Great. Was he going to heal? Uh, no. He didn’t have gear to heal, only fight. I checked out his gear. 350 or so +Attack Power. Hmmm. Was that his Healing set perhaps? No. 22 +Healing. Oh, good lord. He was going to help DPS. I was the healer.

The Warrior was great. The Rogue, not a problem. The Shaman? Like a teen going down at an R. Kelly party. Aggro management. (Or use a shield.)

We got my key fragment. But after several tries at the Hydromancer we called it.

Okay. So that’s out. I returned to Orgrimmar and respecced back to Resto. And spent the rest of the night working on my cooking skill. (Completed the Gadgetzan quest to raise my cooking limit to 300.) I did that because as an Alchemist I should be able to produce potions and foods that provide effects and buffs. There’s two nice recipes I picked up in Blades Edge, but my Cooking, still, remains too low to take advantage of it.

P.S. Msaker, in Defense gear and stance, never gets knocked off his mount by the birds of Skettis. Does the dismount occur upon being critted, and being uncrittable makes me immune to that?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once you reach a certain amount of defense (forgot the number, sorry)
    you can’t get dazed from anything, which knocks you off your mount

  2. Samownall says:

    IDD but personally I would stay resto as having been enhance from 40 I got bored of it 🙂
    Samownall – World of warcraft

  3. Kinless says:

    That’s probably what it is, Anon. The dazing thing.

    And I’ll agree with you Sam. Being Enhancement I feel merely adequate. Being Resto I can really land some large heals, and that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

  4. Doeg says:

    Ah, good to have you back!
    (And to be back myself.)

    Yeah, I have a similar problem with my Shadow Priest. Not a healer! Yet the assumption in instances and group quests is that I’m the healer. Priest=healer?! I’m not that good at healing, though usually I get by.

    Not willing to go Holy, though. Too much invested in +damage gear.

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