I was down, then up. But then I realized the solo, or small group, player was going to be left behind. Yet again. And seemingly forevermore.

At first the news of the future brought me down. What? More level 70+ stuff? The Sunwell Plateau. “Sunwell Plateau will be coming in a patch before the WotLK launch. It will include both a 25-main raid and a 5-main instance with both normal and heroic mode.” Raiders only. Yeah, pugs in Auchinduon do just fine, right?

Then I read about the leveling process being sped up some by Blizzard. Sure. It kind of has to do this. Since Blizzard doesn’t give a green goblin butt’s care for “mid-game content” it’s pretty darn elven of them to get players to the end-game faster. And the instanced end-game at that. Guild Wars anyone? Instant max level character that you take into instanced areas. Familiar? Too.

It seems, now, that the new races were simply their means of getting end-game Paladins into Horde hands, and end-game Shamans into Alliance hands. Yeah, the new 1-20 content remains 2/3 of the highlight of the expansion. The 60-70 content the other 1/3. At least for me. Mileage from hardcore raiders may vary though.

What I need to do is get two computers here, side by side, and get back inside the game with my Princess. Orcs, Elves, and Humans. That’d make things better for sure. 🙂


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  1. Karl says:

    Yeah, it seems as though the solo / casual players are indeed gonna be left in the dust. Combine that with the fact that pallys and some other classes are being nerfed to balance out end-game means leveling gets screwed. My 65 pally is sitting in the dust bin and I have no plans to use his soon.

    When my 62 hunter hits 70, it may be time to /gamequit. But, then, what’s the point of spending time on it now, if Blizz doesn’t make me feel like there is a future in the game for me..


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