The shoulders have gotten out of hand.

Blizzard. Please fix Orc shoulders soonest.

Ugly pink skin hood adornment is very ugly. It makes me look like rabbit.

Zug zug.


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2 Responses to

  1. Lassirra says:

    LOL! What the hell?

    Why….. on earth would they stick a nelf head on your armor?! o_O

  2. Ratshag says:

    Just started working on the Netherwing rep grind. Whosit the Belf sends you off to Netherwing ledge with a fel orc disguise that activates when you get close. 1st thought when it popped on: Holy #(!$ – my shoulders got huged! 2nd thought: No wait. That’s the size they supposed to be.

    Soon as I leave the ledge, I get my real face back and I’m wearing dinkified shoulders again. It is to cry.

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