Why Horde lose very AV I’ve been in. Bruised monkeys, the lot of them.

Rampage-US Battlegroup. The last AV I was in:

The names my change as the battles do, but the habits and trends don’t. Every AV I’ve been in has been a loss. The battles aren’t even close anymore. We don’t even reach Stormpike nowadays. We lose the entire map. There are Alliance packs everywhere. You only need 10 to kill Drek afterall.

If you find me in the battle, I’ll be near the top of the chart, in healing, and healing my Resto Tauren butt off. I’ll pick a Warrior, Earthshield the guy, let him do his thing, and keep him going. My small part in the effort.

What I’ve seen is typically 15-20 Horde sitting in our cave, and maybe 5 Alliance sitting in theirs. But, as you can see, winners will eventually get off their butts and make an appearance and score an honor kill somewhere. But losers? Losers are just yanking their monkeys waiting for the loss to end. How far the Horde has fallen. I bet the Blood Elves regret joining us.

P.S. The Arathi Basin match I was in before this? A win. Go figure.


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  1. LeperColony says:

    Since tokens don’t really matter any more and the rewards aren’t rep based, winning and losing aren’t so important.

    Just kill the lieutenants, Balinda, and destroy the towers and you get plenty of honor even for a loss.

  2. Joyd says:

    I’m in your battlegroup (Alleria-US represent!), and I can totally corroborate. With the exception of premades, at the highest level brackets horde wipe the floor in WSG and AB while generally rolling over in AV, though I’ve been told that they sometimes win in the early afternoon.

  3. Kinless says:

    That’s good news about the WSG and ABs, since I’ll need a few tokens out of there. I’ll get tokens either way, win or lose, but I don’t enjoy being on a team where nearly half are just sitting there. Sprited attempts make the game a lot more fun.

    My guildmates seem to do a little PvP so maybe I’ll see some pre-made action when I join their timezone again.

    Hope to see you in battle sometime! For Honor!

  4. Doeg says:

    I’m seeing the same problem with AV cave-sitters on Rexxar server, Vengeance battlegroup. But fortunately it seems that the AV action is about 50-50, so if you want to win some AV, join me on Rexxar! Horde-side tends to win AB and Eye, but lose WSG.

    But the problem of AV cave-sitters is bad enough that people are saying on the /bg channel that they are logging complaints with GMs, who say they will ‘look into it’. What you’ve described — so many cave-sitters that Horde is outnumbered up to 2-1 — has happened a few times. It has occasionally gotten so bad that we couldn’t even take towers or kill Bal because the Alliance had enough people for O plus roving gangs behind the lines. So yes, it goes not only to losing, but cave-sitters cost the real PvP-er honor in failure to take towers and kill named NPCs. I’ve taken to queuing both AV and AB; AV tend to pop first so I can bail into AB if the AV is bad.

    It burns me that people are trying to get something free at our expense and to our detriment. And it annoys me that Blizz hasn’t done something about it, but continues to award bonus honor to the goose-eggs — it really wouldn’t be hard to take care of, but would have to be automated because real people policing costs too much. So the path to a solution is probably to tie up GMs with enough AV cave-sitter complaints that it becomes a time & cost issue for Blizzard.

    And I really can’t figure out the reasoning of cave-sitters. PvP gear has resilience, which is not very desirable in PvE. But if they are gearing for PvP, then what — do they think that they’ll magically get Arena PvP skills from gear gotten by cave-cheating? I tell you what — before I complement anybody on their PvP gear, I’ll open their PvP page and make sure they have kills in proportion to the gear — if not, I’ll call them out!

    (PS – Gnomish Poultryizer FTW!!)

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