A year ago, where was I?

Ah, yes. Just moved to Germany. With ideas.

How did these ideas turn out?

So, my dream team, assembeled on Kirin Tor:

Kinless, level 48 Night Elf Hunter (from Argent Dawn and brought out of retirement)

He made it to Kirin Tor, is now called Arcarius, and is level 65.

Darkhand, level 45 Night Elf Rogue (from Frostmane and brought out of retirement)

He made it to Kirin Tor too, same name, is now level 50.

Greenclaw, level 36 Night Elf Druid (already there)

He’s made it to level 43. I do like the Druids. But six levels in a year?! That’s got to pick up some! 🙂

Freewind, level 26 Night Elf Warrior (same)

He made it to 40 and joined the group on Steamwheedle Cartle and is now called Mourneblade. I can’t abide losing characters. At least not too many.

Pharazon, Draenei Paladin (because a demon Paladin will be cool)

So I made a Draenei Shaman, and named him Exilarch. Level 21 now.

That’s 5 for the Alliance, and a 50-50 split.

Darkhoof, level 60 Tauren Shaman (if he leaves Smolderthorn)

He did leave Smolderthorn. On Kirin Tor he became known as Blackhoof. He made it to 70.

Oddity, level 46 Orc Arms/Fury Warrior (if he leaves Smolderthorn)

He too left Smolderthorn for Kirin Tor. He’s now called Msaker and he also made it to 70. Hard to believe!

Morticai, level 36 Forsaken Protection Warrior (Arms/Fury if Oddity stays put)

Morticai met his final demise. I didn’t need 3 Warriors on the same server. One Alliance, Freewind, and one Horde, Msaker, was enough.

Darbanville, level 25 Forsaken Priest (if she leaves Smolderthorn)

She too arrived on Kirin Tor. (Time is money, friend.) And is level 40 now.

JohnDoe (no name yet), Blood Elf Warlock (of course)

That became Sunstriker, level 30 Frost Mage.

Nakosi, a 21 Tauren Druid, signed up, to keep my wife’s Tauren Hunter company. I figured I’d make a guild called “Hialeah’s Pet” and be the only member. My wife being, of course, Hialeah. Until then we’re both the only members of “Need More Cowbell” and like the peace.

5 for the Horde.

And a week from today the last of our furniture will be loaded back onto a truck for our return back to the States.

It was a good year, a fun year, but home is calling.


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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6 Responses to

  1. Karl says:

    Glad you were able to do the traveling you wanted to do before you left. Welcome home!

  2. DM Osbon says:

    I see you are experimenting with your theme again…are you happy with this one?

  3. Doeg says:

    Sounds like a good year of WoW.
    I hope your move goes well, as smoothly as possible!

  4. Kinless says:

    I kind of like this theme. I wish it were wider though, it seems constrained. The previous one was “full width” but someone commented that this was easier on the eyes, and I’d agree.

    I like the cool blue tones. The underwater scene, the pale grays, makes it feel much cooler than it is outside.

    And it’s a built-in theme from Blogger. That it matched my swim form scene so well was a fluke. Heh.

  5. Jona says:

    Good Luck on your move 🙂

  6. Kinless says:

    I’m a bit of a pro at this, having done it, oh, ten times in 20 years. There was an 11th move where I personally travelled to a new place, but then got sent on to yet another place and my furniture skipped the middle landing.

    But the Mrs., this will be her 2nd such adventure. I’m not sure she wants to become a pro at it though.

    And this time we return to from where we came, something pretty unsual for me. Maybe life’s casting Entangling Roots on me or something.

    Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

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