Two for the road.

Greenclaw and Itarilde are having a bit of difficulty finding quests in our level.

So we headed out to Feralas and Fethermoon Keep. There were some quests there we could start. The one with the Naga in the ruins, that was easy enough for us. Itarilde goes to Dire Bear form and tanks. Greenclaw goes to Cat form and ravages things. It’s really a nice combo. We’re both Feral and it’s synergistic.

With two Druids we have:

Tank, with taunt + DPS, with aggro fade.

Each of us can heal, with two heals over time, plus a big heal. And we can heal ourselves in Bear form as well.

Our buffs are great. And we’ve got Leader of the Pack.

Crowd control against animals, times two.

We can stealth places mere mortals can’t go.

And we can swim really fast. The new header graphic above was taken off the coast of Feralas as we searched for the couriers boat. The water elementals were red to us, but we were faster and never in danger. Felt like Jacques Cousteau subjects there. (Or Steve Zissou’s.)

And, at 68, we’ll have flight form.

And we’re really deep in the lore with the Cenarian folks all over the place.

Druids: Not just tree huggers.


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  1. doeg says:

    I have to say I love the druid class. Up to level 61 with my feral druid, and compared to the warrior or priest I played in Outland, the druid plays like he’s about two levels higher. He can stealth, he can tank, he can DPS, he can heal.

    I’ve been able to quest with another druid too, and being able to stealth together is excellent. We also tend to use bear-tank + cat-DPS/heal.

    We were wondering about all-druid/rogue PvP or instance runs. There are probably instances where a party like that might stealth past trash to the bosses. And anyone who has ever PvP-ed with or against a group that has many rogues and druids knows how powerful that can be.

  2. Nibuca says:

    Nice redesign. Very pretty.

    My druid is stuck at 20. She took a back seat to “must get to 70”. I hope to get back to her eventually.


  3. Keystone says:

    I like the new design, easier on the eyes! ^^

  4. Sinker says:

    I approve of this post.

    Druids are an amazing PVE class. Ferals can tank OR dps, with a single spec. Resto is always welcome, because everyone likes having healers. Even Moonkins are quietly becoming more accepted thanks to better BC itemization.

    If a pure spec doesn’t float your boat, then you have many viable hybrid specs.

    We have our PVP moments as well. While the top arena teams are sadly lacking in Druids, Druid/Rogue 2vs2 teams are very solid.

    Druid/Rogue stealth runs are not an uncommon practice. The problem occurs when leather finally drops and the winner doesn’t stick around to help farm the item for everyone else.

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