The Charge.

Well, that wraps that up. Grom’tor’s Charge is mine. And Droonda got the ridiculously large Torn-heart Axe of Battle. The two-hander is as big as she is.

We simply went to the alter and asked for help with Cyrukh the Firelord in general chat. Two Hunters and a Warlock responded. Droonda can heal, I can tank, we had DPS. That was all we needed. More easy loot.

And, it’s a pretty nice axe.

Last bit of gear I want, before I’m satisfied, two really:

The Flesh Beast’s Metal Greaves from the Mana Tombs escort quest.
And the Platinum Shield of the Valorous from Hellmaw in the Shadow Labyrinths.

And the rest of the Bold armor set.

And, oh yeah, 2 more points in Blacksmithing, and a few more Primal Mana’s, to craft my own Helm of the Stalwart Defender.

Then he can take it easy for a bit.

P.S. The screenshot really highlights the “bug” Blizzard introduced last patch. Orc shoulders look like minitures. Really not sure how a “bug” like this would even be introduced. They aren’t cockroaches that enter the Blizzard development room in the middle of the night, and after munching on stale cheetoes and drinking flat jolt cola they wander around and die somewhere, preferably in a forgotten section of code where they next appear as a “bug” in the latest patch.

Seriously, claiming it’s a “bug” makes it sound like a random fluke thing. As if some wandering cockroach really just died in the code. Likely?

Maybe the developers were working on Orc shoulders and were calculating in english standard units and in reality metric was required. This seems much more likely. At least it’s pretty likely that the developers were working on Orc shoulders and somehow messed up.

Yes, Orc shoulders can be big and imposing. And this Orc likes it that way. That’s the whole point!


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