Five Reasons Why I Blog

I got tagged and didn’t realize it. Back in May, the Ancient Gaming Noob tagged me.

“Kinless at Kinless’ Chronicles: Because he links me despite the fact I haven’t talked about WoW much lately and he appears to be the kind that actually responds to these things. I mean, Gitr got him to do one of these just a couple weeks back. Now he can pass this back to Gitr.”


I remember the one the from Gitr. But this one slipped past me. Apologies! So I’ll do it now.

Five reasons why I blog.

I blog because 1) I have opinions. All bottled up inside they’re meaningless. May as well have saved the energy the brain cells and/or the everlasting soul used to formulate them, if they remain unheard/unseen. Get them out. Speak up. Sometimes you vent. Sometimes you rant. Sometimes something’s irked you. Sometimes you’re boasting, got Ruul!, sometimes you want to share your experiences, sometimes you’ve got some good stuff to share, Blood Elf Bandit Masks. Sometimes you’re just letting the words flow like water moves downhill. They just come out. Servers down, Horde sucks in Alterac Valley, loot drops, raiders, casuals, other people, guildies. Yeah, I’m talking about all of it. As it strikes me.

2) I write a blog because I read blogs. I didn’t think of doing this on my own. I was inspired by two blogs I’d found, a long time ago: Tomas Rofkahr’s and Psyae’s WoW et cetera. He’s been busy with RL lately, and Psyae, I’m not sure. Both of these had engaging writing and looked like they were having fun. I thought it was an interesting pool to swim in, a community inside a community *inside* a community. And so it started. And now I read a few, and more linked by links, blogs. Not necessarily WoW related. Gaming related is fine, and interesting for me. Mostly WoW, but the rest are just enjoyable to read anyway. They’ve got eyes on worlds I can’t see. I like to hear about it at least.

3) I write a blog because it’s the closest thing to a journal or diary that I’ve ever done. Kinless’ Chronicles. Says it right there in the title. It’s a journal, recounting, for myself, and anyone else so interested, what I’m doing in the game. This blog is like having a photo album that stretches back a year and a half now, to December 2005. I can read it and remember my raiding days in Molten Core. Or world PvP battles. Or people who’s lives, virtual, have crossed paths with mine. I still get the occasional “Hey, how’s it going” on MSN Messenger from fellow raiders, guidies, friends, that have long left the game. This is how I remember those times.

4) I write a blog since I’ve been writing for a while now. I wrote probably a sizeable chunk of the student literary magazine in my senior year of high school. And I contributed twice more to my junior college’s annual literary magazine. I even won an award for writing from the other writers in my class, given to me at the school’s annual awards banquet by the writing professor who’s son’s name was given to the memorial award, even though I thought all their stuff was more interesting than mine. At each grade there were the teachers, then professors, who thought I was going into journalism or writing or something. I was learning computer programming languages for a bit, then I switched to engineering as the “default” career choice. I still do the engineering, management side of things now, and writing too it seems. I enjoy writing because I think of it as art, or an art.* I can’t paint, I can’t hold a tune, I can’t bend metal into shapes, but this gets me close to that where I can be expressive and playful in a medium. For myself at the very least.

5) I blog because it’s communication with other players/gamers. I’m not hanging out in a trading card game shop to discuss things, or hearing about stuff. I’m doing it here, with you all, via comments here and your own blogs.

And it would be at this point of a meme-based post, to pass it on. But, no, I can’t do that. I missed the boat. Gitr is off the hook. 🙂

However! You can go ahead and do it anyway. All you. All two of you. (Three? no, that’s your shadow, nevermind.) Tell us Five Reasons why you Blog on your blogs.

*For writing as art look no further than fantasy writer Gene Wolfe. His Book of the New Sun series, and Book of the Short Sun series are absolutely stunning examples of literature. The language, stories, stories inside stories, scenes, characters, manner of delivery even, provide something worthy of reading over and over into shreds and buying another copy of. Iain M. Banks is up there too.

P.S. I also use my log as a repository of resource links. Handy for all sorts of things.


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  1. Galoheart says:

    Always nice to sometimes know just why some people do what they do or for as long as they have done it.

    I think i blog because of Reasons # 3, 1, 2, 5 Exactly in that listed order. It helps me remember where i was in WoW and when and what happened then because you forget soo much stuff that happened or learned along the way.

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