Shadowmoon Valley vs. Netherstorm. Give me the Valley. But take my guildie, please.

We spent a few more hours yesterday questing in Shadowmoon Valley.

There was the super easy “Kill 20 things” quest that netted us 19g each.

And there was this crazy Blood Elf with a fascination for the dinosaurs. First we had to collect some of their spleens. Then we had to control some mechanical scorpions and go and “tag” some more of them. Then we had to track down and kill the Granddaddy Dino. Easy. No loot, a little cash.

Next quest was something about creating a bomb from Fel Reaver parts. As I was in the water collecting a part, and the mutant … things were swimming about, I took a screenshot exclaiming “Wow. This place is acid.” The whole place. The ground crawls with green nets of felstuff. There’s parts of the landscape filled with flying ash. There are just so many things I’ve never noticed before and did. Netherstorm is sterile compared to the Valley.

(On other things you never notice till you do: Earlier, in the Badlands, Effilda and Honorus, while in an Ogre camp, noticed the tent was made with skins. The skin of a human head was part of it. Creepy. Wild.)

The Fel Reaver bomb quest concluded easily. Just flew in to the green zone. Killed the Mistress. Dropped the bomb. The stone guys all blew up, and the Warlocks kept walking as if nothing happened. Mount up, fly out. Easy.

The last quest we worked on is a rather long one. In the end it’ll net me a nice “pre-Kara” tanking weapon. The first part was collecting elemental spirits for one guy. Earth and Fire, then Water, then Air. Upon which he sent us to another guy. This guy raises pigs who will search for tubors. That was seriously the most annoying quest. There are rock flayers in the same area that hunt the pigs. The tubor signs don’t last that long. And you can accidently kill the pigs if you aren’t careful. Getting 10 each was an exercise in patience. When we got the follow-on, to smash flayer eggs, we were on it. With a vengeance.

And that led us to our next set of quests, and that was to track down this pig farmers sons. That’ll be for another day.

We did get a little side quest. While looking for Air Elementals we came upon this valley. You’ll know it for the Netherwing Drakes flying all over. Just outside of the Black Temple area. There is an elf there, with twin Resonating Axes, that wants you to show a little kindness to the Netherwing Drakes. The young ones are spooked and getting hungry. So you go and kill some of the big flayers and put their carcass out. And a Drake will drop from the sky. It will then sniff the carcass, and then bat it like a cat might. Then a bite and the carcass is gone. Then it will turn to the person who fed it, say something in Draconic, and sniff the player. After feeding a few we returned to the elf and he told us to go talk to the big Netherwing named Neltharaku. He wanted us to go slay Dragonmaw Orcs. Another day as well.

After Droonda left for the night Msaker got an invite to Shadowlabs. Sure. It was a little late but I’d go. Shouldn’t take too long. Well, we started later than I’d care for, and by the time Hellmaw was dead I was done. One player in particular, a guildie at that, who kept screaming we needed to do things his way, and stay by his totems, and just pull Hellmaw wherever the “f$*#” he was. “We usually take him back in the hallway that’s behind him.” (Seems that’s the understanding of the other party members as well. And we don’t need tremor totems doing it that way.) “THAT’S HEROICS. JUST PULL OR I WILL.” Then the same person, Aldor it seems, said “Just need the Fel Armament,” stupid me, I do, because I am, and the Paladin (healing) says, “Uh, no we roll” and rolls a 92. Ding. I’m done. I open a trade window with the Pally, since I’d won the need roll, and I gave him the Fel Armament. “I’ve got to go.” “Replace him,” says the Elementalist without missing a beat.

Oh yeah, Damage Meter reports over and over. So Elementalist tops the report. We’re not surprised. But we also aren’t interested. Over and over. How do you say “You’re so leet, you rock my world. Your presence is an honor I don’t deserve. You’re so potent.” without sounding snide about it? “Whatever, dude. Get over yourself.”

(And we always greed the armaments regardless of faction because there should be some reward for everyone. You can sell if you aren’t Aldor, and use if you are. On guild runs. So with some puggies along, naturally)

I’m figuring our lives need not “intersect,” this Elementalist’s and mine. Putting him on /ignore won’t hurt me one bit. On the other hand I’d miss the opportunity to keep adding “Get over yourself,” in guild and party chat.

Color me conservative, but we do fine playing things careful. There was no need to wipe three times before Hellmaw. Oh, yeah, the Elementalist is fast on his feet and didn’t die every time. What a shame.


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