Two on the Path of conquest.

Msaker and Droonda. Tonight we did The Path of Conquest quest chain. Just the two of us. Flying mount was pretty much required for us to do it alone. Nachmahd gave us a hand on the very last part, healing while we killed our last two Crazed Colossi. There was a nice +Defense and +Shield Block ring for Msaker, and Droonda took the +Attack Power, of course.

Two worlds collide. Ours vs. Theirs. We win.

Who’s crazy now?
Two too pretty.

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  1. Sunstriker says:

    The quest that makes you go sabotaging Mana Forges in Netherstorm also has you turn into blood elves at one point. Whats the mod that announces to the other people what quest you have completed as the event occurs? I started playing with my girlfriend and something like this would be nice…

  2. Kinless says:

    Yeah, that’s a really nice add-on. It’ll even vocalize, if you want, in Grunt or Peon’s voice, “Job done” when you’ve completed a quest, or part of it. Handy when you’re grinding out a certain amount and you get into a groove and lose track. It’ll also put 0/10 in your tooltip when you hover over the mob and let you see status that way.

    And it’ll track progress for folks in your party if they’ve got the addon as well.

    Anyway, the mod is Fubar_QuestsFu over on WoWAce.

    Their site is down at the moment or I’d include the link.

    I don’t think you need to run Fubar itself for the functionality.

  3. Galoheart says:

    Like your UI setup. When i was looking for one i looked through one of your blog article sometime back you did and used some of the ideas there. So far i’m happy with it a bit, though i sometimes still hit wronk button. I do get some lag sometimes though.

    Also have been using the “Omen” threat meter instead of the KTM for a few days now. Seems ok and like it. I don’t know how well it works in group though as yet since its still in testing. Got any ideas on it so far?

  4. Kinless says:

    I gave my wife Threat-1.0. That’s the underlying process that sends out data. That data gets captured by my Omen, so it’s like she’s running Omen too, but she’s not. (Too much stuff on her screen drives her nuts.)

    It seems very comparable to KTM, and it’s supposed to communicate with KTM, but I haven’t gotten much instance time in with it yet to see how really compares when it matters.

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