Black Forest weekend. Mostly. More keys.

The wife and I headed south this weekend. Started playing tourist in Freiburg. We climbed the cathedral’s bell tower, were there at quarter till when some bell rang (surprise!), wandered the town, had a fancy dinner, saw the market around the cathedral in the morning. Had coffee and muffins at Starbucks. Then off to the forest itself. Cuckoo clocks all over the place, Germany’s highest falls, and then to an open air museum highlighting traditional farmhouses from all over the Black Forest region. One old house was last lived in in 1994 (before being moved to the museum site) and was filled with household stuff from the 50’s through the 70’s. What a curious life that person must have had. Watching t.v. in a house where cows are still under the same roof. Even the folks in Goldshire live better. Different. It was fascinating seeing these places and imagining what their lives were like.

Ah, back to thoughts of the game. So we return, home that is, and there’s a Setthek Halls run called. Nothing there for me. But I tanked. And the Warlock at last got her Dungeon set boots (or legs). So while we had the group together, Nachmahd had already logged and we replaced him with a hunter, the group, my guild obviously, decided to take me to Steamvault and Arcatraz for the next two key fragments. Steamvault was more of the same old underground, lots of naga and water, that the rest of Coilfang is. But Arcatraz? Whoa. Really wild. I mean we’ve really hit the old Star Trek stage props at this point. These look like floating boats made of crystal, filled with Blood Elves fighting mutant creatures. It was a quick run, altogether way too late, and I, Msaker that is, got my two key fragments. Next stop is to go see Medivh and help him in the Black Morass.


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  1. Mourne says:

    just fyi. before you can run black morass you have to do old hillbrad “thrall escort” quest.

    so to save you group/guild time:

    1)goto caverns of time first chance you get
    2)once there talk to the guy at the bottom and he will do a 15 minute escort tour of the cot(no fighting)
    3)you will then have to do old hillsbrad thrall escort quest with a 5 man group in order to make the black morass section available.

    just fyi so you dont show up with a team and waste peoples time like most people who arent aware do.

    also to save allot of headach in black morass make sure you have:
    2)priest healer or a well geared healer with allot of mana(as a shaman i solo healed it with 1025 +healing and 8k mana back when i was in blues/greens but it was very hard mana wise and our tank was a druid and was able to innervate me.)
    3)a mage or warlock for aoe duty(or a very well equipped dpser-we have a dps warrior that is awesome at killing the adds)
    4)2 dpsers

    my guild has run countless new guildies through black morass to finish their kara keys so as long as 1,2, and 3 are really well geared/good at their class you can bring just about anyone needing their key done in the #4 and 5 slots

    oh and at the very end tell the new folks to walk through the portal by medivh. it goes nowhere and they just drop out on the other side and we all laugh at their confusion in vent.

  2. Kinless says:

    Msaker’s gotten Durnholde (Thrall’s Escape) done. And that was a wierd run. Two Warriors, neither Protection (at the time), Three Shammy’s, two Resto. We had some moments too.

  3. Sinker says:

    How hard was Arc to tank?

    I still need my third key frag, but haven’t had the courage to PUG the place (guild groups aren’t an option yet).

  4. Sunstriker says:

    Arc is interesting to tank, its not too bad. Most of the stuff in there is dead elves/robots that come to life.

    Have you gone to Botanica yet? Pretty cool instance with nice boss strats (a little over the top on add management though.)

    Personally the fleshbeasts popping out of humans remind of Alien, but that’s just me.

  5. Kinless says:

    Getting the 2nd & 3rd key fragments we simply shortcut the places straight to the fragments, fighting only the minimum to get there. (This was past 2 a.m. my time.)

    I did tank in Steamvaults last night. Well, through the first boss, the naga lady. We Misdirected her into the pool below where the hunter’s pet waited for her. We killed her guards. Rested up a bit and she returned.

    Just avoid the swirling thundercloud aoe and you are fine.

    This was with a pug, and late, and that’s what I’ve seen of Steamvaults so far.

  6. Mourne says:

    for our new 70s in my guild we:

    1)a good team clears to murmur in shadow labs and summons the 2 or 3 people that need the 1st fragment in(you dont have to kill murmur)
    2)later in the week we form a team with a tank+healer and then any who need the next 2 key frags. we then just go straight to the frags and then move to the next instance like listed above(no boss kills are needed-just need a good enough tank to clear trash
    3)later in the week we run them through black morass by using a well geared tank/healer/aoeer+ 1 or 2 new peeps that need last frag.

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