How to keep two Orcs busy. And a Druid.

Not really sure what the minimum level requirement for the new Midsummer Festival quests is. We did them with Msaker and Droonda, and I did it later with my Level 42 Druid, Greenclaw. The Orcs did the Wild Fires, and the Flickering Flames, in both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, and the Druid just did the Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms (for the Mantel of the Fire Festival shoulders). All of them did the basic “Recover a flame at each capital city” quest too.

Today we plan to take the Orcs to Stormwind City, Iron Forge, and Darnassus, and steal their fires. That’ll add the Crown of the Fire Festival to the set.

And in a few short moments, Greenclaw is going to take a stab at it as well, assaulting Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff, and the Undercity.


Why not?

“Too much trouble for no reward,” said someone. Hmm.

It’s pixels when it comes down to it. It’s all just pixels. All effort is simply towards higher numbers in the spreadsheets that are our characters to overcome lower limit thresholds the designers set before us and progress.

Or, it’s pimping your Orc with better gear, ala Champion’s Battlegear, so he looks badass when he’s hanging around Orgrimmar. And/or wearing spotlight shoulders and having people ask “Where did you get those?”

Otherwise, taking your high numbers to overcome lower numbers to acquire even higher numbers… boring.

Too, it was an evening’s journey across the lengths of the two Azerothian Continents, planning out a route so it doesn’t take bleeding forever.

Anyway, here’s a few screenshots.

I call this one “Wife Aggro.”

For a Level 42 Druid, completing this quest got me a few more flight points. I was not once in any serious danger. The Kalimdor reward are bracers with 3 charges on them to summon a guardian. Pfft.

This last I call “A man of letters.”

I enjoy the seasonal festivals. And we do them for the amusement factor.

Yes, the last screenshot has nothing to do with the Festival. But doesn’t this guy look relaxed? He’s only missing the cognac and a good cigar.

P.S. Stealing into Orgrimmar now. Leaving a line of elven skeletons behind me. Why don’t they move the cemetery closer??! Kek.

Update: Orgrimmar’s flame Stolen.

P.P.S. Stealing into Thunder Bluff was a piece of cake. Cow pie. Died twice and then I was home free.

Update 2: Thunder Bluff’s flame stolen.

P.P.P.S. Stealing into the Undercity wasn’t even necessary. They like the old throne room for such festivities. So do I.

Final Update: UC’s flame stolen.

P.P.P.P.S. I’VE BEEN ROBBED!!! NOOOOOO. There appears to be a minimum level for getting the quest after stealing the flames.

I cry “Foul!” There was no indicator that I was not high enough level. (Other than trying to take the quest from the items.) There should be an indicator or something.

Don’t know what it is. But it ain’t 42. Three more bank slots taken. Till next year then.


Heh. “Why?” “Why not?”


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