Anonymous said…

This blog pissis me off and I wonder what excuse u gonna think out one day when
you stop playing WoW and believe me the day will come. Great work shooting down
Tobold like that which is a lot better and more open minded blogger than you!

I was originally just answering this in the comment below his (or hers?). But I decided I’d just go ahead and make it my post for the day…

So you figured you’d do a little drive-by there, Anonymous?

“Shooting down Tobold?”

Not at all. I think he’s pretty good when he’s got something worthwhile to say. Today’s topic, “Free epics!” is a really good read. I agree with him. And it’s analysis like this that make it fun reading commentary about the game. My writing here is more of a journal type deal.

Anyway, the trouble I had with him lately is he’d just gotten silly with his anti-WoW rant. Yes, silly.

It’s one thing to say you’ve moved on. Another to say you’ve quit. For the last time. You’ve moved on. You’re cancelling your account. He finally wound up complaining that WoW didn’t have among it’s 8 million players anyone who would do hand-drawn maps for the game. Not like the nice maps he’d found for LotRO. C’mon! Was he being for real? And what’s up with the constant comparisons? They’re each their own game.

And, hell, he ruined his own game in my opinion. That was kind of sad. Like watching a train about to wreck and you’re cringing and whisper “Stop! Stop!” under you’re breath. The whole LotRO farming deal of his was pretty painful to watch. Once you place sooo much importance on a single facet of the game, you will come crashing down.

And since he allows comments on his blog, I did comment. I suggested to him, perhaps in slightly strong terms, but you know, keeping it gamer style, (and, admittedly, trite and I apologized in a post on his site today) that he concentrate on being more constructive/productive with his posts. Give us more Pew Pew! Like today’s was. I love to read what he’s got to write about LotRO, even though I don’t play it, and maybe I don’t play LotRO because of what he’s written, and, eventually I hope, about the beta test he’s in that’s got the NDA on it. Warhammer probably. I sure hope they’re the listening type because I’m sure, no, I know he’s got some good stuff to add to their efforts to come out with a great game. Tobold’s been around the genre. (I sure hope he likes Warhammer longer than he liked LotRO.)

But, anyway, I haven’t thanked you yet for stopping by. And be sure to keep stopping by. As I keep having fun with this game, yeah,


(I’ll even bold it to highlight it.)

and I’ve been playing since release, I’ll keep posting about it.

And when I get bored with the game, or bored with blogging, or whatever, I’ll stop.

And what excuse do you think I’ll have to have? Heh. It’ll be because I want to, or I need to, or I found something different, or the wife has, ;), whatever.

I do get my jabs in at Blizzard here on my blog. I’ve complained about the end-game, about server reliability, about why Alliance always wins Alterac Valley!, or that Warlocks are overpowered. Yeah, it’s just a vent, not like they read my blog.

And it’s also where I keep my WoW links for handy reference, from add-on sites, to WoW blogs, or WoWHead searches, etc. I can peruse it from anyplace, and even tell my wife or friend “Look on my website for the Crafter’s Tome link. Check that out for the recipe you need to do X.”

But when my day to move on comes, I will.

And I’ve played this game too long to all of a sudden realize this has been the worst game. Then again:

Dear Blizzard,

Can I get 45 days of my life back after playing my Shaman to 70?
You’re intentions for the class don’t jibe with the game mechanics that let the
Shaman be pretty damn cool to 70, but leave me thinking it’s a tad lackluster at
the moment. Are Shamans DPS/Healer hybrids, or just piss poor

I kid! I kid!


P.S. Thanks for giving me a topic. Talking about Honorus and Effilda working on Tanaris Bandits and such just sounded a touch boring! Not that Pally AoE isn’t a fascinating topic. One of those “Whodathunkit” things. Hmmm


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8 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since no one wants to comment on this blog me the anonymous person will comment again. Thanks for quoting me on your blog. real nice.

    You are acting childish, since a blog is your own opinion and you can be negative and positive, it is not necessary to take out someone else for their opinion.

    LOTRO is definetly not better than WoW and Tobold never said that, its just a well deserved change from another old game.

    Tobold looks at MMO’s and not just WoW like you so how can you critisizing him for comparing since you dont play anything else.

    Hope you and your wife enjoys WoW and its great endgame for people without jobs and lives!

  2. Doeg says:

    Kinless, hang in there!

    I enjoy this blog a lot, because its fun and I usually really relate to the laid-back topics. In fact, I used to stop at Tobold’s first (I enjoyed the theory-crafting blog entries), but when he transitioned to his “LOTRO Journal” phase your blog moved ahead on my morning visit list, and has stayed there.

    It was kind of sad, too, to see Tobold descend into “fanboi” flames. I would guess that he got a lot of negative email that we’ll never see, and that leaves a mark, but obviously there are people like that on both sides. Like “anonymous”, who hunted you down to flame you. A bit spooky.

    WoW is kinda like a marriage, and leaving WoW is kinda like a divorce.
    And divorce can stir up strong emotions, and get ugly…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Me again…

    Good post doeg, just dont shoot someone else down because of HIS views on HIS blog. Thats all I’m saying to kinless. He is shooting down all of us that divorced WoW and thats unnecessary.

    Enjoy WoW it was a great game and I cant wait till Blizzard’s next MMO and hope it lasts me as long as WoW.

  4. Salud says:

    “Just don’t shoot someone else down because of HIS views on HIS blog”

    If you allow the public to reply, you open the door to criticism no matter how it was given.

  5. Mindkiller says:

    This is like some damn highschool note passing crap.

    “You called suzie an ass, I don’t like you anymore bitch”

    I love how the fanbois of bloggers have the same vocab as the fanbois of shitty games. Connection? We think so. It is the same person typing the crap. I agree with you on the hating at tobolds, i still read it cus its his opinion whether it’s based on reality or not. Same as yours or mine or anyones. Thats what this whole blog crap is, A mass of opinions about whatever the hell we want. Thank the gods we can od this cuz they sure can’t: no interweb in heavens or Olympus. Zues is pissed.

  6. Tobold says:

    I think your perception of my writing is influenced by you knowing that I quit WoW. I don’t write any more “anti-WoW rants” than I did all the time, in fact some of the more negative things I said about WoW you can find months ago when I was still playing. My criticism of the WoW end-game hasn’t changed for years. You are overreacting to every minor remark I make, just because you somehow resent me quitting WoW.

    I will continue to write about WoW, even after I quit. It is impossible to write about MMORPGs in general and totally ignore World of Warcraft, it is still the biggest and most influential game around. And yes, it will be the base for comparison for any new came coming out, in everybodies mind, not just mine.

  7. Kinless says:

    Fair enough.

  8. Hexapuma says:

    War of blogcraft?

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