Two nights. Two Alliance nights.

After two successful instance runs we took a break from the Horde. Droonda has earned herself a bit of rest.

First up were the Druids, Greenclaw and Itarilde. We didn’t do much but knock out a few quests in STV. She playing Bear/Warrior me playing Cat/Rogue/Healer. It worked out very well.

Last night we brought out the Humans, Honorus and Effilda. Our first stop was in the Badlands where Honorus attempted to grab as many Rock Elementals onto himself as he could. They appear to be spaced far enough apart that three or four is the limit since I have to body pull everything together. Some just get bored and leave. We completed all three of the quests there. Then we returned to Dustwallow Marsh and fought spiders. Lots of them. Oddly, despite them swarming everywhere, again I couldn’t get as many as I wanted to fight me. “Cowards!” A little later we were down on the beach and I saw the Murlocs. I hate Murlocs. None of these Murlocs had mana bars. *Idea*. That was amusing. I’ve got great armor and health and it was amusing to have these things just mobbing me. They’d get low on health and run away, “Great, bring your friends, there’s more Holiness here for all you lot.”

I remind my wife that there’s good Druid gear in the Outlands. She reminds me there’s good Paladin gear there too. So many toons, so many things to do.

I seriously hope Blizzard’s next expansion includes a healthy amount of new mid-game content.


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