Dog and Butterfly.

See the dog and butterfly
Up in the air he like to fly
Dog and butterfly, below she had to try
She roll back down to the warm soft ground
With a little tear in her eye
She had to try, she had to try
Dog and butterfly – Heart.

Don’t know why that song came to me thinking of our Druids at play last night. The wife and I, it’s pretty cool, riding through STV, or running through in cat form, getting some quests done.

She likes Bear form, and in Dire Bear form she’s about wearing Plate armor. (Damage mitigation 51-52%.)

Me, I like Cat form, and I’m mostly wearing home crafted Nightscape Armor. (Though I know I should be adding more strength to the mix.)

Together we took on Tethys, level 43 Elite Raptor. Dead, and pretty quickly too.

And we worked on Skullsplitter Trolls, collecting their tusks until the lag became too much. You know you’ve got lag when you’ve got a mob down to half health and everything freezes, and the next thing you know your wife is killing the next mob. These were “I swear, this is a disconnect” type lag spikes, but no disconnects. Really annoying to see ten moves play out over the space of a microsecond.

Lagged, late, and like a sauna, she retires for the night to the air-condition bedroom.

That means some solo knocking around. This time Honorus (HONORUS: Variant of Latin Honorius, meaning “honor, valor”), who was close to level 42. He journeyed up to the Badlands and started collecting rocks. Protection Pally is just amazing. I couldn’t gather enough rock elementals on to myself. If I pulled too far to gather more I’d lose some. Three or four at a time, five if I was lucky. I completed all three quests, and got about 45% of level 42 done before I logged off. Pally AoE ftw.


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  1. Excaliber1 says:

    hey were did u level from 30’s-40’s? i really dont want to to STV especially since im on apvp server..anywhere else?

  2. Kinless says:

    Mid-30’s? Desolace has got some quests. With underwater breathing even being on a PvP server you can get to feeling kind of alone. I managed to grind on those lobsters and naga for a while there. Always hearing the Defense Channel going off, and folks getting attacked, and I was just in my own peaceful underwater world. On a different PvP server I remember putting my Rogue’s Underwater Breathing Helmet on and messing with Hordies in the same place.

    Desolace should be good for low- mid-30’s. Badlands at upper-30’s lower-40’s.

    The Druids though are sticking to STV for the herbs. Our Humans want to look elsewhere, if possible.

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