We admitted we were powerless.

But our lives were certainly manageable. All of them in fact.

Steamwheedle Cartel is the home for the alts of our alts.

And in the last few days, over on SWC:

Amanijin, Troll Rogue, and Jazul, Troll Shaman, have left the Valley of Trials and have begun to quest in Sen’jin Village.

Spellblade, Belf Paladin, and Valessa, Belf Warlock, have left Sunstrider Isle and journeyed to Falconwing Inn.

Ironhorn, Tauren Warrior, and Graymane, Tauren Druid, have left Camp Narache for Bloodhoof Village.

Iduve, Draenei Hunter, and Rainessa, Draenei Hunter, went and got two Dragonhawks before returning to Azuremyst Isle.

Shatar, Draenei Paladin, and Nehemiah, Human Warrior, knocked out some Goldshire quests.

And Abdiblis, Human Warlock, and Faluna, Night Elf Priest, have been seen wandering the area around Dolanar on Teldrassil.

It’s not new for us. That’s a fact. As Jazul ran up the Hidden Path to complete his Earth Totem quest, the wife knew exactly where to run. Albeit it’s been ages.

It’s not 100% new for us, but it’s new in other ways. It’s new ways of partnering together, the wife and I. New race/class combinations. New roles for each of us. It is revisiting the old (ancient!) content with experienced eyes.

And, yes, Droonda, the main back on KT, must reach 70 this weekend. That’s a good, attainable, goal.

And it’d be great to get an Alliance character of hers into the Outlands as well. I’m thinking Druids get a lot of love over there. And the whole Cenarian deal is there as well. And, sooner or later, we’re going to get to the Emerald Dream.

But are we Powerless? Like we needed to be members of some form of Altoholics Anonymous? Not at all. It’s about having fun. And this game continues to deliver.


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  1. Doeg says:

    I can relate — playing WoW with my wife has given new fun to the game (I call it putting the “Multiplayer” in MMO). I was on the verge of WoW burnout, mostly because it was tough to solo with a warrior main, PvP had become a grind, and I didn’t have the guild connection or time available for raiding — leaving me feeling dead-ended and compelled to level alts.

    Once I introduced my wife to the game and she really liked it, I got her set up with her own computer and account and rolled / leveled an alt shadow priest to pair with her BM hunter. That saga began in late October ’06, and last night the pair dinged 67 in the Blade’s Edge Mountains (and last night had another first – the alts got a drop that was an upgrade for my main)!

    Of course, there are many alt-pairs that have spun off, but we’ve stuck to a Horde-side, single-server (Rexxar) mindset so far. Obviously it is a great boost to have higher-level money and gear hand-me-downs and crafting, as well as handy escort / run-through capabilities. Running in a pair makes just about everything easier, since downtime is shorter, death is rare, and many group quests are do-able with two (though we tend to under-level the area we are in, so tackling the Nagrand forge camp 67-68 elites with two level 66 toons proved too risky). And a side benefit is that we have other family and friends on the server too; most of them with a main in Outland.

    So yeah, we’re still having fun. The other day my wife was pondering the question of “life after level 70” (she isn’t into instances), and last night as I discovered Skettis with my main I was happy to see that not only is there an abundance of questing to be done in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon, but the new 70-only areas hold a lot of promise too. We’re having a blast, and it looks like more good times ahead…

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