Eversong, ho!

I have to add the comma, and the exclamation point, because if I simply name a cat “Eversongho” then things get taken out of context.

“That’s a ho from Eversong.” Um, no. But I can see how it might be mistaken for that.

That was the lead-in to two Draenei Hunters who left Azuremyst Isle, all of levels 12 and 10, and journeyed to Eversong for some unique pets.

So Iduve and Eversongho, and Rainessa and Cat, left the comfort of our isles for a journey across Azeroth, from our starting point to that of the Blood Elves.

First few steps were easy. Boat from Azuremyst to Auberdine. (Catch the flight point.) Auberdine to Menethil Harbor. (Catch the flight point.)

Then the swim north (mind the Murlocs off the Wetlands coast) to Southshore. It’s a long swim, but easier with company. We ran into Naga, and Murlocs, just shy of the Southshore docks. We died, but were able to resurrect on the dock itself. We repaired and grabbed the flight point.

Then the run north. The cats, on defensive mode, make for a nice ablative layer. They’ll take the second and subsequent hits, and recalled when you’re well ahead, they might even survive as well. Eversongho, we hardly knew you. But we resurrected you a few times on the trip.

By the time we hit Silverpine Forest we knew we were going to have some easy coasting for a while.

Spotting the Worgs at the border of Silverpine and Tirisfal I note they know Bite 2, which we didn’t know. “Farewell, Eversongho. Take care.” And we tame two Worgs.

I learn Bite pretty quickly, but Rainessa’s Worg isn’t quite as forthcoming. We kill those little demon dogs and bats outside of the Undercity Zeppelin point. And at last the talent is learned. Time to continue. Oh, yes. I named my Worg “Orcmother.” But I regret that because perhaps some friendly Orc would have run us to the portal in the Eastern Plaguelands, except I’m making fun of his mother. Except it’s a fine looking Worg. No insult intended! “Look. You have her canines! Aw, like mother like son.”

And so we pass through Tirisfal Glades. And we near the Bulwark. I understand the Bulwark to be the base of the Argent Dawn. Surely it would be friendly to us. The Argent Dawn might have been, but Executor Whatshisname, was not. He spots us and gives chase. Into the Western Plagueland where he kills us. Aw.

And that means we appear in the Western Plaguelands cemetery outside of Chillwind Point. Yay! Spirit Rez taken we grab another flight point, and repair.

Level 12 and level 10. And you know what? It was going to be easy to get into the Eastern Plaguelands. From Chillwind we moved south again, back into the Alterac Hills. There is a river that runs south from Darrowmere Lake to the sea at Southshore. Leave Chillwind heading south, and then move east to this river. There’s only turtles to be found and they aren’t aggressive. We run north again, and then skirt the southern and then eastern shores of Darrowmere Lake, until we can finally move over some hills into the Eastern Plaguelands. We almost reach the road, but not quite. And we appear in the Eastern Plaguelands cemetery. Near a PvP tower, and not Light’s Hope Chapel, so no new flight point to grab. Nor any need to spirit rez this time.

As ghosts we head north through the EPL and pass through the portal.

At this point we need to confuse matters. In the Ghostlands, as ghosts, we log out of the game. This is so the game forgets where we really died and simply sends us to the closest cemetery when we spirit rez.

We log back on, as ghosts in the Ghostlands and run north to Tranquillen where we find our last cemetery. This is where we speak with the spirit healer. And, voila, we are alive in the Ghostlands. We quickly head north and soon find our prey.

Two Dragonhawks are quickly tamed.

Now, as a test, I “dismissed” my Dragonhawk. I did not abandon her, but dismissed her only. And then I tamed a Ghostpaw Lynx. Rainessa did not opt for the second pet.

Then we both hearthed back to Azurewatch.

Going to the Stable Master I get a touch of panic. No 2nd pet, my Dragonhawk! I’d never bought a pet slot in the stable. Oh noes! So I buy the slot and drag my cat into it.

And below the cat the Dragonhawk is revealed. Yay! I blow the whistle. Nothing. Hmm. I log out and log back on. I blow the whistle. The Dragonhawk appears. I look in the stable and my cat is there. Whew.

I name the Dragonhawk “Vaikka”*. I haven’t thought of a name for the cat yet.

So, in our journey we got pets and flightpoints. In my case two Eversong-only pets, and Auberdine, Menethil Harbor, Southshore, and Chillwind Point flight points. Not a bad run.

*In the Iduve language, “Vaikka” translates roughly into the need to demonstrate ones power, revenge, or honor. (From C. J. Cherryh’s novel Hunter of Worlds.)


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  1. Hexapuma says:

    That is quite the adventure =) I travelled the opposite way with my BE hunter to get one of those spiky looking spiders from Bloodmyst Isle. Seems you had a tougher journey though.. I just had to travel through Ashenvale and Darkshore…

  2. Doeg says:

    Too fun!!
    To me, that’s the “real WoW” — doing things that are entertaining and original, “just to do it”.

    My noob Tauren hunter (my first hunter, only level 11 now) went to tame a boar in Durotar. I saw the ‘boar charge’ when running with one of my wife’s hunters (she now has a hunter of every Horde race that allows the class), and I really liked the ‘charge’ ability. But I didn’t like the look of the boars my level (10 at the time), but rather the black ones in the same area that I only found up to level 7 — but a black one it was, and now I need to level him up (shouldn’t be too hard at a low level). When I get to the appropriate level, I may “upgrade” the boar to one from RFK, since they look pretty cool in their armor. (I wonder if a gorilla pet can learn ‘charge’…?)

    The only real ‘adventure’ in my run from Mulgore to Durotar was that after avoiding a Kolkar with pack hounds just north of the bridge, I happened into the Alliance Outrunners (whom in all my playing I never remember seeing that far north). I died; but I was close enough to Crossroads that the corpse run was not too bad. The next time I’m in the Barrens with my Druid I’ll go cat form with humanoid tracking and get my revenge 🙂

  3. Galoheart says:

    If only in WoW you get Xp for doing neat stuff like that that would be fun.

    I have a lvl 21 Hunter “Krovon” and when i was lvl 11 as a Blood Elf I headed on a Solo mission from BE lands all the way to Ashenvale, ran straight through the inn, got wacked by sentinels, Oh what fun. Got to boat made it to Azuremyst and got my prized pet Ravager. Hes more valuable to me because of that journey to tame him.

    Then at lvl 17 i repeated it again to get the other Ravagers on Bloodmyst. This time in Ashenvale instead of the inn run through i swan out to peir end and drown myself. Resurrect and did it on the boat above. Easy. Head to Bloodmyst to tame the lvl 16 Ravagers. No luck on taming. Need a trap to buy time taming. So at lvl 20 i did it adventure again. This time with a freeze trap. Bam! Got the new rank Gore skill. What fun it is to do stuff like that.

  4. halabar says:

    Well done. I’ve done this run as well, albeit at a slightly higher level, but none-the-less with the same # of deaths. Perhaps more. So my Dreanei hunter is the proud owner of the Springpaw Lynx (the redder one). If the pet pickup had been bugged like it is now, I would have gotten the dragonhawk as well.

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