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When am I going to learn to play? Yeah, yeah. Blackhoof is level 69 and change. But can I claim I know how to play? I’m pretty happy that I got to spend months raiding Molten Core in a well … Continue reading

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World of Craftcraft. Blackhoof is about 20% into level 69. What’s he spend his time doing? Farming motes. Water breathing helps immensely getting Motes of Water from the water elementals in the lake north of Garand, in Nagrand. The air … Continue reading

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Coming along. The Orcs are doing fine in the Bone Wastes. With a little help from our friend, Nachmahd, the cow with wings.

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We’ve decided to kill stuff. Droonda has gone Enhancement. Msaker has gone Fury. I’m saving the last 5 points for Deep Wounds 3/3 and Impale 2/2. Together that’s four axes flying, and a lot of Orc.

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Blizzard sells out.This is the visual equivalent of the whisper wall of gold spam I’m getting when I’m logged in now. If something’s broken in the game, it’s the goldsellers spam. This needs addressing.

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Volchan. He dropped cloth boots. Must have been made out of asbestos.

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Doing something. Friend told me to attack, so I did. We wound up killing this 68 Elite Farahlon Giant thing. I’m Enhancement, he’s a 70 Resto.

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