Coming along.

Last night was a pretty interesting one. It didn’t start out that way.

Droonda was taking a break doing her nails. (Orcs are so vain!) So Blackhoof ventured out, not to do any quests, but to farm some Motes of Shadow rather. A Primal Shadow goes for 18g on my server. And some joker was selling 4 Motes of Shadow for 4g. (Now there are bargains to be found. Somebody was selling a full stack of 20 Primals for 30g. I should have bought it without hesitating. I hesitated. And I’ve found partial stacks of Motes of Shadow for sale cheap. 7 Motes for 1.5g. I didn’t hesitate.) Anyway, I farmed enough for 3 Primal Shadows and tired of it. That raises Msaker’s Primal Shadow count to 11. Just 9 more and he’s got enough, and all the other materials he’s already gotten, to craft his epic The Planar Edge one-hander.

Flying above Shattrath later Blackhoof gets a /whisper: “Have you run Shadow Labs yet?” “No.” “Do you want to go?” “Yes.” That was from the guildmaster and so we had a little guild run into the Shadow Labyrinth, to secure for me the Karazhan key fragment, and to get Lower City reputation for everyone.

Our group was two Priests, shadow and holy, a Mage (frost), a Warrior (maxed protection, 5/0/56, 12,000 health), and yours truly, Blackhoof (enhancement). What’s nice about my guild is they’re fine with all our specs. When I mentioned “Enhancement” they say “Cool, DPS.”

And what a run it was. Only one wipe, and that was against a 5-man pull. We’d sheeped the healer and the two priests did us in. (We later sheeped one of the priests and killed the healer first. That was the ticket.) I was DPSing my Tauren heart on all bosses except Murmer. Well, when healing was required I pulled back and did my job. There were some moments, but we did fine. And a shadow priest can generate some truly amazing healing, and mana regen??. Combined with the holy priest spot healing, the place went easy enough. Wait, we did have another wipe. That was against the Inciter. (Or did we? It was an extremely close fight.) The fight against the Warlock, Volpir, went smoothly. There’s tactics to use, and we had them down.

For the Murmer fight I stayed at a distance and never got anything worse than a knock up into the air. Otherwise it was just lightning bolt spam. And Murmer dropped something for me, for the healer/caster in me rather, the Tidefury Kilt. My first piece of D3. And I got my key fragment for the Karazhan attunement quest.

Blackhoof’s coming along.

Next stops will be The Arcatraz, Steamvault, and the Caverns of Time, Durnholde and the Black Morass. And that means shots at more Tidefury (Steamvault and Arcatraz) and Desolation Battlegear (for my fighting side) (Caverns of Time).

And when Droonda’s ready for more action, Msaker and she will be making our own way down this road to Karazhan.

P.S. It’s nice being in a competent, and casual, end-game capable, guild.


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  1. Doeg says:

    Awesome SL run!

    I need to push into those instances myself. A couple of weeks back some guildies were discussing how they cleared SL… with 17 wipes. Ouch.

    And on Shadow Priests, yes, I love mine! She’s level 65 now, leveling with my wife’s Hunter, and I’m hoping that we’ll venture into some Outland instances in the near future (my wife has mixed-to-negative feelings about instances).

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