Playing with Orphans, we find a bully. Visiting former times.

Had some fun last night running around with our Blood Elf orphans. Msaker scouted the way out, and Blackhoof and Droonda followed behind.

The Orphans last request found us traveling to the Caverns of Time. And there we, Blackhoof and Droonda, took a side trip. To the Hillsbrad of before the Scourge, but trouble is imminent.

What a blast. That was really cool.

“‘Blades of light!”? Punk.”

And Blackhoof and Droonda didn’t look too shabby. A mite pale and furless though.

Nobody in Southshore suspected a thing as we rode in our Frostwolf and Kodo. And the vendors there did business with us. If you like riding, you might have a look.

It’s not like a regular instance. Going to Old Hillsbrad you get to play a tourist in the area around Durnhold Keep, Tarren Mill (mind the guards, they were red elites, our level), and South Shore itself. Watch Sally Whitemane running around, with her champion. And the discussion that goes on in the Inn. Lots of familiar faces. … And that just makes the whole history that unfolded after that much more dramatic and sad. (Except for Herod. Apparently he was always a punk.)


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  1. Doeg says:

    My wife and I had high enough level characters (63 at the time) to do the orphan world tour; we thought it was fun and very well executed. One of the compelling things about WoW is attention to detail and to storyline. My wife described it as kind of like participating in a story.

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