Unbreakable, I like Naga.

Particulary the STV Naga just outside Booty Bay. They don’t cast.

Me, Honorus, 41 Paladin, and Effilda, 40 Mage, can easily take on two 43-44 Nagas at a time. Without breaking much of a sweat. Seal’s flying, swings landing, our biggest problem was the Nagas were of a level to keep resisting Effilda’s magic. She’s even taken the Arcane Subtelty talents. But that makes her the equivalent then, if my theorycrafting is right, as a level 42. Which means these Nagas had their usual resist chance, or better, against her. Of course a spell resisted is Aggro not taken, so not at all a problem.

Ultimately, the Akiris Reeds we gathered were to be delivered to Theramore.

Stranglethorn Vale gets old, and we were seeking a new haunt for a spell.

Our first quick little business there in Dustwallow Marsh was the level 40 Mage quest given by Tabetha involving some Orb. Let’s say “Big Gun” and leave it at that. Job done.

With that out of the way we retired and the upcoming humankind adventures will be in the Marsh. This is a short, enough, ride down to Tanaris, and Un’Goro, and Silithus. All new, kind of, quest locations for Effilda (and my wife).

Demon Killing. And their minion too. Or does Honor stay my hand?

Blackhoof, 69, went to Azshara seeking some quick mageweave. The elves carry runecloth. The stayrs and ghosts near Valormark carry mageweave. Problem solved. (Mageweave becomes bolts of mageweave become low 40 gear become, hopefully, dream dust, becomes materials for enchanting and getting Darbanville’s enchanting up. 280 right now, with material enough for 4 more skill-ups. 300 is my goal, and a quick run again to Thrallmar, via windrider, not skeletal horse, to train in everything else.) Back to Blackhoof in Azshara… Suddenly I see a yellow name. Names. Warlock and voidwalker. Yellow. Bad people, managed to get flagged. Not being nice he was. Warlocks soooo infuriate me. Oh, please Blizzard. Please Buff Warlocks More! Please! Nerf me, personally, if you need to balance the game. Nerf Shamans so you can buff Warlocks. (Done.) Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. So I see that this Gnome (yes, double it) and see that he sees me. Stopped in his tracks, then scurries away. What? Like I’d just run over there and kill him? A Warlock? Someone who will gleefully DOT the hell out of me, my friends, and my allies, and laugh and /spit about it? That person needs to live? This steaming pile of dishonor should live in peace? This is why we seem to lose yet win: Honor. I let him be and continued farming my mageweave. Yes, I had 14 levels on him. He was dead. But I left him alone. A little while later he reappears. Blue, killing my ghosts. I laugh, got two stacks of mageweave and it’s midnight, so I hearth home to Shattrath and pop the goods in the mail to Darbanville. Karma.


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