No, I don’t think a cat is better.

Well our Draenei finished up their quests in Azuremyst Isle. All of them. We have tabards to prove it.

As an almost aside, as if it didn’t matter, we concluded, after getting the tabard and the cheering crowd, with closing out the quest to actually close the Sun Gate. (I mean we got cheering crowds before we’d done that.)

My only quest left was the Shaman quest which was to take a Bota Bag and fill it with wine, I mean water, in Ashenvale. But that’s something I can get to.

Anyway, when our day comes, as it does (see characters on Kirin Tor sidebar) we don’t want to be riding those goofy elephants.

So we got to thinking… We’ve got cloven hoofs. Hmmm… Rams have got cloven hooves. (And Tauren too, but by the time you can mount a Tauren, it’s dead and unrideable.) So we headed to Dwarfland, Khaz Modan. Into the snowy reach of Coldridge Valley we started our quest to have the Dwarves like us.

And it was a good opportunity to build up some weapon skills. One shot still gets you a level up.

Time drew to a close as we headed out of the Valley to Kharanos and the Thunderbrew Distillery.

Anyway, as we were in the Frostmane Cave in Coldridge some dwarf stopped us. Both very clever, and very assuming. “Cats are better.”

Maybe so. Except we want to ride Rams.


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  1. Tomas says:


    I was thinking of doing the exact same thing with my Draenie Hunter. The elephant thingies are unique – but I don’t want to ride one either.

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