When am I going to learn to play?

Yeah, yeah. Blackhoof is level 69 and change. But can I claim I know how to play?

I’m pretty happy that I got to spend months raiding Molten Core in a well respected guild. I was a guild officer and Shaman Class Leader. Have I told you about all my purples I once showed off in Orgrimmar? That was me. Happy as a clam with my Unstoppable Force. Then I’d switch over to my healing get-up (good enough to still out heal the Resto Shamans even after I went Enhancement) which was full Earthfury. Onyxia never dropped the helm for me. “Hey. I’ve arrived,” my gear announced. Last Summer I knew exactly what I was talking about. Class leader in a great guild, in the gear, my opinion should have mattered.

But I’m not going over to the official Blizzard Community Shaman forums now and saying one damn thing. Not one. I’ll admit the Shaman Class has wants. I’ve respecced numerous times to meet raiding, pvp, and pve requirements. But I’ll also admit the class can get things done. And overall it’s a fun class. But I’m not going to open my mouth.

Even if I were 70, my gear sucks, my opinions don’t count. Yeah, it’s AH greens if I can get them. (That I did around level 60. Since then I’ve been hording cash.) Or an instance blue, if I can get into one. Or just a lucky world drop, or quest reward.

Or Vendor greens. They’re not that bad – for my needs. Blackhoof picked up the Consortium fist weapons from Stormspire. And for 8g, eight!, no rep required, Msaker picked up the Arkadian Claymore (80.3 DPS, +28 Str, +42 Sta, +27 Crit Strike rating), and some Ninja Stars, after the Blue Moon rose and Horde took Halaal.

But, anyway, my gear sucks. It’s not stuff out of Kara or gotten from mindless reputation grinding.

So, posting as a “Level 70” with an opinion, and greens for gear, I’d only be shot down, bbq’d, told to “shut it” (hell, that happens here on my own blog!), because I’m not raiding Karazahn. Two years plus playing a Shaman and my opinion about the class would mean NOTHING on the forums. Level 70 Draenei Shamans would be flaming me. I don’t need that.

But does it mean I don’t know how to play?

Nah. I do know how to play.

I play to have fun.*

How about you?

*And would I play another Shaman knowing what I know? Yep. Too late. My Draenei Shaman is level 20. (Already out-leveled my Warlock who’s ignored at 14.)

P.S. Tseric, requiescat in pace.


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  1. Reinor says:

    Well, I’m a lvl 36 Enshaman and I’ll ask you’re opinion on something.^^ Why are most Enhamans duel wielding over using two handed weapons and will they still be a more viable option after the Windfury nerf in 2.1? Btw I tried posting a similar question in yesterdays comments but I don’t think it took. If so, I apologize for the double posting. Thanks.

  2. Christine Doyle says:

    Yep. I agree totally. Been playing a rogue for 2 years, finally dinged 70 and still have my a$$ handed to me by a better player 6 levels lower. I think it is part of being a casual gamer.

  3. Hexapuma says:

    Heh, I am done with raiding. Almost a year since I had to endure 39 imature, screaming voices on vent… and I don’t miss it at all. I don’t miss the pretty epics either. I have great greens/blues that still hold up.

  4. Kinless says:


    Sorry for the late response.

    Dual wielding will get you steady DPS.

    A Two-hander will get you “burst” damage.

    Dual wielding will also let you apply different weapon buffs, situationally. Fire for heavily armored types, Frost for runners.

    Basically, dual wielding is good for PvE. You against the environment.

    Two-hander is good for PvP. This is so when you hit, and you crit, you hit so hard you basically just knock them silly and force them to try to recover. A steady drain on their health they can deal with. The sudden loss of 1/2 or 3/4 of their health, in a windfury flurry, is cause for alarm.

    The deal with windfury dual wielding, and numbers show that even after the patch you’ll still want windfury on both, is you will want slow weapons, in both hands. I bought two claws for the looks. Main hand’s slow, the off hand’s fast. (The fast off-hand will be handy for applying debuffs that I cast on it, and it’s got demon slaying on it. But otherwise I’ve gotten another slow weapon for the off-hand.)

  5. Reinor says:

    Thanks for the help.

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