Doing something.

Friend told me to attack, so I did.

We wound up killing this 68 Elite Farahlon Giant thing.

I’m Enhancement, he’s a 70 Resto.


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  1. rubber duckie says:

    hey hey, what UI r u using for WoW ?

  2. Kinless says:

    The top and bottom art are the Sunn Art pack.

    My action bars are Bartender3, and they’re skinned with CyCircled.

    I use MetaHUD, Scrolling Combat Text, and AGUnit Frames.

    Fubar provides the top bars of things (I like seeing info). Elk Buffbar has the buffs.

    It’s mostly an ACE based system.

    I keep these (and all the rest) updated using the WoWAceUpdater, and then for the rest UICentral 3.0 Mod Management Tool.

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