Folks, it’s the same as it ever was.

I’ve played a Shaman going on two years.

I think it’s just funny that all these level 70 Draenei Shaman are posting in the official forums, QQing, about the upcoming nerf. (No longer letting different ranks of Windfury to proc independently, and some Elemental stuff, to which I say “whatever.”)

They’ve invested so much time into the character, and then Blizzard takes it all away. They’ll just /wrists and /quit. These folks have all of a couple months invested and now they’re shocked?? Let down? Disappointed? My Shaman was 60 before we even knew we were getting Draenei. They were promised one thing, and now it gets taken away?

QQ – Shamans been doing this from the start. Deal with it. It’s still a great class to enjoy.

And, Welcome to my world! Is this a Revelation for you?

You might have asked, I’d have told you.

Folks, being a Shaman is going to be the same as it ever was.

We were never leet DPS. We never took out Elites our level on our own. Hell, I remember 60 Shamans who couldn’t clear the Scarlet Monastery on their own. (We needed a 60 Warrior for that, and he had to work at it.)

But our Dungeon gear, The Elements, let us do a little of everything, provided we weren’t really looking to fight. ZG finally produced some Hunter gear with +Attack Power that we eyed and took seconds on.

When we started to raid, Molten Core and such, just look at the Tiers 1, 2, and 3 armors. We were expected to be healers. Nothing more.

The old adage: If you can heal, you heal.

New adage: If you can heal, you heal, unless you’re a priest, and we’ll leverage your shadow abilities to greater effect.

It was our PvP gear that let us PvP, and favored the Enhancement Shaman.

Otherwise, the “serious, raiding, Shaman” was, is, and will be, a healer type.

That’s right, “Healbots” if you don’t like the role, respected “Healers” if you do. I did.

Now, and then, and in the future, being a Shaman was and is about 1) Healing, Buffing, and Cleansing in Raids and Groups, or 2) playing an Elemental or Enhancement off-spec to PvP, or 3) leveling/grinding as Enhancement. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it’s going to be.

Hey, I got a few levels in Nagrand dual wielding with Flametongue on both weapons. Not Windfury. Yeah, I really appreciated Windfury lately, with good weapons, with two different ranks, but if I were called on to go into an Instance, I’d expect to heal and cleanse. I’ve got a bag full of healing gear. And I can still just get a kick out of dual wielding with a little windfury thrown in.

The Shamans have always been what they are, and what they’re going to be. It’s all the same as it ever was.

Shaman, medicine man, healer. Not rogue in mail, not mage in mail.

P.S. And until I start raiding again I’ll be Enhancement, and I’ll be loving it. Do note that I have *two* Shamans on Kirin Tor. I won’t be deleting my Draenei Shaman.

On to another topic:

Pearls Before Swine


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  1. Triff says:

    So what if you’re content to be the worst healing class in the game if specced so, the least efficient ranged dps class if specced so, or the easiest to kite and kill melee dps class if specced thusly? It’s ok right? I mean all of us shamans should just bend over and take it from Blizzard, right?

    I mean, it’s not like the “review” patch that we were supposed to get was done half-assed, or anything. Hell, the shaman CM was there and paying attention to our feedback the whole time!

    Oh wait, no he wasn’t…he was on “vacation.”

    Shut it, Blizzard fanboy. The QQers have very valid points.

    – Triff, 70 Tauren Shaman, raiding 0/5/56 resto spec, 56+ days /played

  2. Triff says:

    Also, don’t make it sound like it’s the blueberries doing all the QQing. That’s hardly the case. And at least a couple of the draenei shamans who have been offering the most full and complete feedback used to have Horde shamans as well.

    But w/e. A non-70 enhancement shaman who thinks dual flametongue is a good idea and is wielding a pair of green fist weapons clearly knows more about the class than experienced raiding shamans.

  3. Kinless says:

    I’ve got 57 days, 5 hours, /played on Blackhoof.

    I spent months in Molten Core raiding. I know FULL well Shaman limits, expectations of others of Shamans, and Shaman expectations of themselves. Yeah, it’s a disappointing lot, being a Shaman. But it was also my first 60, the character I’ve raided with, and he will be my first to 70.

    P.S. My Blog, my opinion. Your Blog, your opinion. Unless you voice something in the comments here, as you’ve done. That in mind, I don’t need to “shut it.” Not in my house.

  4. Triff says:

    Well apparently, since you, as you said, leveled with dual flametongue, you still after 57+ days played, don’t know jack about shamans.

    The “if you can heal, then heal” attitude totally betrays what it is many of us have been fighting for. With talents such as unleashed rage, we thought that we were there. Then more Blizzard nerfs.

    I’ll say it again, blizzard fanboy: shut it. You’re a noob. I don’t care how many days you spent raiding in Molten Bore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One reason I didn’t take a hybrid class to 70 was because it was a … hybrid.

    I suppose that few people think much about the endgame when they’re selecting a hybrid. They take for granted enjoying all the benefits of being a jack-of-all-trades hybrid as they level. But once the hybrid hits the endgame he realizes that, yes, in the end, he’s a … hybrid.

    Apparently some, even at 70, think that “hybrid” means that I get all the benefits of being able to tank, DPS, and heal while leveling to 70, then when I hit 70 I can pick the “best tank” tree, the “best DPS tree”, or the “best healer” tree.

    But (sorry to burst bubbles here) Blizz – in its infinite game-design wisdom – decided that hybrids should not be better than “pure” classes at what they’re designed to do. Novel concept, I know. But it’s the reality, so anyone who wants to play WoW can either deal with it or bail to LOTRO or some other clone where they will encounter similar game design…


  6. Anonymous says:

    “Blizzard fan-boy”, he accuses …

    Then says he has a level 70 Shaman with 56+ days /played time …
    WoW + BC probably ran about $80 US…
    Who knows how many months paid subscription time …

    P.T. was right.
    There IS one born every minute!

  7. Kinless says:

    Triff. Good lord, man. Can you cry some more?

    Someone, quick! Call this guy a Waambulance. I think he’s having a coronary.

    See, I accept the class, with it’s shortcomings, and I can still enjoy it. Shortcomings does not imply broken. That’s where you and the others are wrong.

    I’m not demanding the class be something the developers don’t care to make it. They’re smart people, and even if they aren’t, they don’t have to be, it’s their damn game. It’s their choices that count. Not yours.

    You don’t have to play a Shaman. That’s your choice.

    I just found it amusing that all these level 70 Draenei Shamans, all of four-five months under their belts, are complaining now. “What do you mean I’m a 2nd rate healbot?” They raced to 70 to reach this conclusion? I knew it when I reached 60 what the deal was. I’m not forced to be a Healbot. If I want the loot, I will be a Healbot. (Full Earthfury + Staff of Dominance to annoy non-raiding casters.) Just like you. With your epics. Triff the Healbot.

    I can play the class casually, and I don’t need epics to reach level 70. My crappy green gear is going to do it for me. Will probably get me a flying mount too. And mats for crafting epics of my own. I’ll use those greens to get some purples. A casual player’s paradise.

    Hey, I’d be as happy as the next guy if they buffed the class and made us as good as Rogues in DPS, Mages in casting, and Priests in healing. Yeah, that would be great.

    Which do you propose we should have? All three? Hell yeah!

    Ain’t going to happen. If Blizzard buffs us, they buff us. If they don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.

    Who are you to decide what’s right and wrong here? And you comment on my gear as if it makes you superior and that your opinion trumps mine. Lol.

    And the “If you can heal, you heal” attitude is the same one that most guild masters employ. I’m very sure of that. Aren’t you sure of it too, Mr. Resto? Yeah, you sold out for loot. Your call.

    QQ Triff. QQ.

  8. Keystone says:


    I know it can be frustrating when you feel your class is not getting equal attention, but it’s really not necessary to resort to degrading fellow WoW players, especially someone from your same class / faction. You have every right to be upset, I know I would if they corn-holed the Mage class like they’ve done to Shaman, Priest, etc..

    What Kinless is saying is that he’s perfectly content with the class, and he’s grown accustom to the lack of Blizz support. Alliance have always poked at Horde Shamans for claiming their class was neglected, and now that they play Shamans, they are seeing first hand what the horde players, such as yourself, have complained about for so long.

    Ok, now that everything between you two is settled down, let’s get to more important issues…

    …don’t nerf iceblock!!! ^^

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