Being (nearly) 70 means: No Pugs for the wife.

Zauberin was taking a mana break. We’re in the Scarlet Monastery. She’d hopped up on a cannon and said “Take a snapshot with me with the big guns.”

At first I thought she meant me.

But if she didn’t, certainly she meant to.

P.S. My screenshots are treated before I post them. I usually do a Gamma Correction of 2.0, and then, to correct the resulting color washout, I adjust the Saturation to 120 or so. This makes the screenshots brighter and richer than the saved screenshot. But it also looks more like it does in game.

One of WoW’s strengths for me is the vivid richness of the colors. And I must add Commander Morgraine’s armor never looked better. (I know they update NPC’s regularly. Has he seen a recent gear/appearance upgrade?)

The software I use to crop and edit screenshots is called Irfanview. It’s freeware and will read the screenshot in their native .tga (?) format. It’s then easy to crop, enhance colors, and save as .jpg or whatever.


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  1. Gillir says:

    You know, I was just thinking the other day about how your shots looked so good, and so now you’ve answered my question. I use Irfanview, too, for the conversion. What photo editing software do you use?

  2. Mindkiller says:

    Big guns…..


    Man i can’t wait to run the old instances with our 2 new hunters. SM has always been a fav. Second only to SFK.

  3. Kinless says:

    I don’t do any photo editing on the screen shots.

    Where I do photo editing I use Corel’s PhotoPaint.

  4. Warpcurse says:

    Nice tip about Irfanview…

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