Otherwise I’m just looking at the maps, and the region levels (i.e. Durotar, level 1-10) and thinking about the races and their routes to 60.

Some quick thoughts:

Orcs/Trolls and Tauren have it easiest. They never have to leave Kalimdor to get to 60. Durotar – The Barrens – Stonetalon Mts – 1000 Needles – Desolace – Dustwallow Marsh – Feralas & Tanaris – Azshara – Un’Goro & Felwood – Winterspring & Silithus. It’s “Horde favored” according to Blizzard through Desolace and level 40.

“Alliance favored” on Kalimdor ends in Ashenvale at level 30. Now how Blizzard figures Ashenvale is “Alliance favored” given two Horde Flightpoints, go figure.

The Eastern Kingdoms is a little simpler. Each of the four races, Blood Elves, Undead, Human, and Short People, have their 1-20 zones for themselves. Here the “Horde favored” ends at 20, and the Alliance have two zones, Wetlands and Duskwood, that end at 30. Those really are Alliance favored given no Horde Flightpoints in either. But, countering that, Badlands and Swamp of Sorrows both have Horde Flightpoints and no Alliance Flightpoints. Clearly “Horde favored” and that’s at levels 35-45. Blasted Lands. Nearly forgot about this place. Alliance Flight point, 45-55 level range. Pretty much “Alliance favored.”


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7 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Hinterlands didn’t have a Horde flight point until Naxx patch last year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Still no Horde flight point in Western Plaguelands…. not even the Bulwark… you have to fly to Undercity or Hopes Chapel to get anywhere near WP.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No Horde flight point Westfall.

  4. Anonymous says:

    After leveling several characters to 60/70 on both alliance and Horde, I can definitively say the alliance have it the easiest. I can level an alliance character faster than a Horde character.

    The quest number and robustness (exp) on the alliance severely out weigh the Horde. In the early 1-50 the Horde quest lines seem an “after thought”.

    The alliance animations, quests, home towns are much more complete and refined than the Horde.

  5. Warpcurse says:

    You know I am actually really happy about being able to get into the outlands so early. While I am not a new player, I am usually guildless and only able to play irregular hours.

    I am really happy that the new instances are short, that 5-man content can be done quickly. No need for 10 man stuff… and lots and lots of solo content.

    I used to hate LBRS/UBRS for forcing me there for the T0 stuff =)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Theoretically on the Eastern Kingdoms side you can do this:

    Tiristfal (1-10), Silverpine (10-20), Hillsbrad (20-30), Arathi High (30-40), [Insert STV disclaimer here], Hinterlands (45-50), Western/Eastern Plaguelands

    Half favor Horde, half don’t seem to favor either faction, although running back and forth between UC and the Western Plaguelands does get mildly annoying.

    I say “in theory” because we know that there aren’t enough quests in most of those zones to level through the ranges the zones support, so you *have to* fill in the XP meter by shipping off to Kalimdor.

    I’m also confused by the Blood Elf race – you’re 20-21, maybe 22 tops by the time you leave the two wonderful, gorgeously thematic starting zones and then… you’re too high for Silverpine, realistically too low for Hillsbrad despite the Blizz level classification for the zone… you don’t really fit into The Barrens either because most of the quests at your level depend on completing earlier quests in the zone, so it ends up being faster to grind up to 24-25 and start doing Hillsbrad quests. Which is a bit of a rude awakening if your first ever WoW char is a Belf.

  7. David says:

    actually upon completing the last BE area quest, and delivering the amulet to lady sylvanis, you go to thrall and the BE next to thrall instructs you to Ashenvale (splinter tree post) which is perfect for a 21-22 lvl toon

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