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Where we came from. Where we are. Where we’re going. Where did Honorus come from? He was of humble origin, a farmer originally. He and his wife, Effilda, lived a quiet existence in the sunny fields of Westfall. He counted … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Monastery at last completed. Except for the detail of one small scarlet key. But, I got my new sword, the Sword of Serenity, and a nice new shield, the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, out of the deal. … Continue reading

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It’s the 3rd? I missed the 1st? No, not really. But color me unimpressed. The Tin Hat thing? That’s the best they come up with to amuse 8,000,000 customers? And the old “forum switcheroo” thing, where players are GMs and … Continue reading

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I wish. ‘Nuff said.

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PUGging hasn’t been too bad. Over the last two nights Blackhoof has conquered the Ring of Blood (and got a great +Healing one-hander, Mogor’s Anointing Club) and slain Durn the Hungerer (and got a fast combat one-hander, the Hungering Bone … Continue reading

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