It’s 4 a.m.. Do you know where your Thorium is?

I don’t know where it all is here on Kirin Tor. It’s 4 a.m., server time, and the Plaguelands have been stripped nigh bare of the metal.

I do see one single seller is selling numerous stacks of 20 bars in the Auction House. How fortunate for him. Hats off to you, Sir, or Madam. Because I couldn’t betake the mind numbing drudgery of locking out every other gatherer to secure it, all, for myself.

It puts me in a bit of a quandry since I can’t level up my blacksmithing past 280 without it. I’m sitting on stacks of easily obtained Fel Iron just waiting for the day I can break past the “Locked tighter than Paris Hilton’s chastity belt, not” period where Thorium, and only Thorium, is required for everything a Blacksmith does.

Does anyone, ever, manage to 1) get the plans for the Imperial Plate Set, and 2) make every piece of it, before 3) way out leveling the point where it’s still useful? Well, it was a good set, I was still wearing parts of it at 60 when I started replacing it with PvP gear. Should my wife’s Halcyon need tanking gear, that’ll certainly be a good set for it with Stamina and Strength. And my Arcanite bars are being saved up to make enchanting rods for our enchanters. (Or, that would be pretty cool too, I equip my lovely wife’s Blood Elf Paladin with an Arcanite Reaper.)

Thorium Bars! All ye, all ye, in come free!

Now for tailoring, Runecloth drops off pretty much any humanoid over level 50. It can be farmed easily by anyone. (I.e. the whole Paris Hilton thing again.)


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