A “Hey there,” from Silvermoon on Velen.

Sunderella and Palatine moving on up in the world. The evening found us reaching level 10 and completing the Voidwalker summoning quest for her in the Ghostlands.

And this is a PvE server. So no RP required, and the chat channel was pretty good for a change. All sounded reasonable. That is, heh, until a couple folks started talking about starting up a guild. “We’ll be the ‘Crusaders of Velen!'” “Yeah!” “Cool guild name!”

So I, stupidly, sought to correct them. “Velen is a Dreanei Prophet found in the Exodar.” “I know that. That’s what makes the name cool.” Uh, yeah, you knew that. You and your five 70’s on another realm.

Anyway, Velen is PvE, and no PvP to worry about. Here’s a snippet of some conversation overheard in Silvermoon tonight.

Yeah, I’m going to miss that. Not! Heh. And I haven’t for a long time. If I want PvP I’m going to do it with 39 strangers on my side, and 40 enemies on the other. That’s fun.


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3 Responses to

  1. WRATHofGOD says:

    Look me up next time you get on Velen- I’m an undead warrior:


  2. Tomas says:

    Velen? Where’s Velen? Damn I’m so behind 🙂


  3. Josh says:

    so are you part of the buttered monkeys guild?

    Kate and I (WoWcouple… might remember us…) are probably rolling on Velen this week.

    can we hit you guys up for a chat?

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