An evening with two altoholics suffering altism.

The servers finally up, about 7 pm our time, we begin our slow entry into the night’s gaming. I’m browsing add-on sites checking out the latest creations. I run WinAceUpdater and UI Central to make sure I’m otherwise up-to-date. Looking over my shoulder I see the wife is looking at her characters over on Steamwheedle Cartel. “Dwarves are ugly,” she says. Alas, poor Grethel, her Dwarven Priestess, after having her inventory cleared out she’s smacked by the Mack truck of the delete key. Hmmm. What do *I* need a Dwarf Hunter for then if I’ve also got Iduve, my Draenei Huntress? Caelik logs on, liquidates his assets, and goes the way of the Dodo bird. We’re Dwarf free and happy with it.

While Caelik is cleaning out his bags, the wife decides she wants a priest. (Just not a Dwarf one.) And she decides Melissand, her pale human Paladin isn’t worth it. She’s already got a Paladin in Halcyon. Smack. Melissand is no more. Le Melissand est mort. Viva la Melissand. Melissand is then reborn, a human Priest this time, in that Nefertiti look that Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, made so fashionable. Dark hair, bangs, dark skin. She’s the perfect partner for my Warlock, Abdiblis, who looks like he just stepped off the subway in Baghdad. Priest and Warlock. We have some sustainability there.

But, what professions to take? Well, now that Melissand is no longer mining and smithing, she can have her Nehemiah, a Human Warrior, do that. And since he’s doing that he’s no longer the herb gathering alchemist. So the new Melissand can do that. Nehemiah was going to start in the Elven lands for the herbs. So he’s gained a reprieve and will instead return to the human lands, where ore abounds. And in his place goes Melissand. Level 2, Melissand leaves Northshire, and with the company of Level 14 Adbiblis, she makes “The Long Run”. In reverse. A couple of deaths in Wetlands and we finally reach Dolanar and get a well earned rest in the Inn.

And while Abdiblis tries to procure some linen off Furbolgs to craft bags and stuff for the new Melissand, it’s back to the character screen for the wife. Her Troll Frost Mage, Katonga. She’s ugly. And has a funny run. Doy dee doy. Smack! Katonga is no more. But, nature abhors a vacuum. Katonga is reborn. This time as white haired, male, Troll Shaman. Stretching after a hard gaming session, the wife informs me she’s going to bed. “G’night dear.” So my Troll Rogue is replaced with another Troll Rogue. Purple haired Aminijin, Rogue, is replaced with white haired, female, Rogue, named Amanijin. We’ve got to have Trolls.

And then I logged on as Blackhoof and worked off a few more quests in Nagrand. Just a couple more bars to go and I’ll be 68 with him.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Being newly single again (after a 9yr relationship), I’m envious of you and your partner playing together 🙂

    But I’m not entirely decided if I really WANT a fellow-gamer as a partner, too… someone has to cook and clean!!!! 😉

    WoWGrrl player blog

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