Where we came from. Where we are. Where we’re going.

Where did Honorus come from? He was of humble origin, a farmer originally. He and his wife, Effilda, lived a quiet existence in the sunny fields of Westfall. He counted amongst his neighbors the Furlbrows and the Jansens. But the world changed, the wars came, and he was one of the farmers driven from his land by the Defias Brotherhood.

The world didn’t need farmers then as much as it needed the means to survive. Freedom isn’t free, and Honorus was prepared to fight for freedom, for his land stolen by the Defias, and fight against the greater threat, that of the enslavement or destruction sought by the Scourge.

Leaving his wife behind in Stormwind, their new home, he journeyed to Elwynn Forest to enlist in the army.

Basic training went quickly, and he soon graduated from the training at the Cathedral in Northshire. Level 06 and ready for the world.

His wife Effilda followed him not long after. It’s a hard enough world, and where one might make a small difference, two can make even more. She enlisted, as a mage, and he returned to Elwynn to help her. This time both left Northshire to fight the battles in the world. Effilda, a mage, and Honorus a more seasoned level 25.

And now, as soldiers for Stormwind City, Honorus and Effilda, both coming into their prime at level 40, riding in defense of the Human race against the evils of our time.


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2 Responses to

  1. Hexapuma says:

    “The world didn’t need farmers then as much as it needed the means to survive. “

    I found that hillarious.. since everyone and his grandmother is farming something in Azeroth =)

  2. Kinless says:

    Or the Outlands. I know I should be farming something. Can’t decide which yet. Motes of something or other, cloth of some type, greens and blues, something.

    You’re so right.

    We farm to live, so we live to farm.

    Like life, and in life this is rewarded too.

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