It’s the 3rd? I missed the 1st?

No, not really. But color me unimpressed. The Tin Hat thing? That’s the best they come up with to amuse 8,000,000 customers? And the old “forum switcheroo” thing, where players are GMs and GMs are Trolls? C’mon, tell us what you really think of your customer base, Blizzard! 😉

Nothing really jumped out at me for April Fool’s Day.

Things that have been keeping me busy:

Effilda and Honorus are 2 levels each from Level 40. Horses! An all-Protection Paladin partying with an all-Arcane Mage. It works.

Blackhoof has reached 67. He continues to be adequate. But I’ll admit, as the only healer my group survived the Ring of Blood quests. Going back to help some other folks out, and taking a back seat to a 70 Druid for healing, we wiped. True story.

Darkhand came out to play last night. He journeyed to Strahnbrad in order to get the tailoring pattern for Black Silk Bags for Effilda. The place is mid-30’s with lots of rogue-types to kill. Joy. The recipe dropped after the 15th Spy, but he continued on. Wandering into an Inn, he wound up killing a jailer, and then killing an Orc. (But of course.) That flagged him for PvP. Hmm. I’m a Rogue in a PvE world and got me thinking about the old days on a PvP server. At this point in WoW’s life it must just be level 70 psychos cruising for kills. Thanks, no. He then headed south to Tanaris and went town to Ogre Town. Just a few levels below him they drop quickly and it will be a good place to grind out xp for him, and mageweave for Effilda. And in a few levels he’ll be able to go into Alterac Valley. Given his current combat spec, if he waits till 55 he’ll get enough points into Subtelty to get Improved Sap. I think the BG’s will see good use of that.

Effilda was escorted into Uldaman by Arcarius to take care of two things. Recover a power source from some big metal thing, and to visit Annora the Enchanting Trainer. Mission accomplished.

Sunstriker is quest logged up for Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deeps. Droonda, the Orc Shaman Princess is going to escort him through to acquire some (relatively) phat lewt. Rod of the Sleepwalker and Arugal’s Robes will be some of the rewards. Then he and Halcyon will return to their Pally + Mage questing.

I respecced Sunstriker to Arcane now. I’m thinking the reduced threat from my Arcane spells will go well with a Paladin that’s trying to hold aggro. At some point I will try out the Frost tree, for the so-called “Shatter” build.


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  1. Excaliber1 says:

    And may I ask when do you find the time to play all these alts? O.O

  2. Kinless says:

    Not sure of that myself. 😉

  3. Doeg says:

    Belated thanks on the posts about Msaker’s transformation to prot-spec.
    Next level I’ll seriously think about that for my warrior main (right now I’m primarily Arms). Though I managed to successfully tank Durn in a PUG as a level 67; credit the healer on that one!
    Right now I’m looking at going Prot 11/0/50, with the main departure from the mainstream being to put five points into One-handed Weapon Specialization instead of Cruelty.
    But there seems to be little consensus on a tanking cookie-cutter build, which is probably a sign of good flexible balanced design in the warrior trees. I hope, anyway.

    I have been surprised at some of the people I have grouped with. I’m only wearing the pick of Outlands questing gear for warriors, the purpl-colored gear heavy on +STA and +DEF, and I’m surprised at how well I’m holding up compared to other classes at my level (since I’m used to being a member of the worst class for solo questing).

    I can’t decide if it has to do with my Arms spec, or my gear choices, play skill, care in choosing quests and encounters, or something else. But in most cases I now go for several quests without any corpse runs. The hardest thing I’ve run into lately soloing are the Skald quests in the Blade’s Edge Mountains; the fire elementals and fire imps are packed tight, immune to a lot of attacks and spell interrupts, and my fiery weapon enchant was useless (ended up with a corpse run on that one).

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