“And if I live, something will die.”

We were two Level 36 Paladins and we completed a level 39 elite quest in Stromgarde.

Seal of Light stacks with Judgement of Light. I know that today.

And Reckoning with a very fast weapon just puts out a flurry of attacks. Very cool.
Folks say Paladins are at their strongest in their 30’s. Does this power go down in later levels?

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  1. WRATHofGOD says:

    Nerf Pally’s!!!

    lol…just kidding. I’ve linked you to my blog, you can link to mine if you would like to – I’ve read your blog for about a year now – great work!



  2. s4dfish says:

    My Pally at 42 feels just as strong as in the 30’s. Make sure you keep your weapon speed below 2.0 and use the best shield you can afford. I personally am still using The Green Defender, and when I block anything aside from instance bosses, I take no damage. I may not hit hard, but I’m nigh-indestructible, unless I play like a dork. Which happens…

  3. Tomas says:

    Sunforge is currently 29 and specced in Ret for leveling purposes. When would you recommend shifting to prot?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Paladins remain strong in PvE throughout their leveling. A paladins recently soloed Blood Furnace. I can’t think of another class that could do that currently.

    When people complan about Paladins weakening as they level, they are referring to their DPS potential. Their survivablity just gets better and better.

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