“I’m not here to do damage. I’m here to live.”

That’s what Honorus tells the two warriors that have summoned him to the summoning stone outside of the Scarlet Monastery.

They’ve seen his little Knightly Longsword, and compared to the big axes on both their backs, they assume he’s not going to do much with it.

“My wife is a Mage. She’s the killer. I just live.”

And that little Knightly Longsword, with a fast fast 1.5 second swing, that gets enough hits in to let the healing from my Seal of Light flow.

We had a good enough romp into the Scarlet Monastery. We first visited the library, where I only needed to find a book, and kill Loksley the Houndsmaster. The two warriors, Night Elves on Jumping Jacks, were literally bouncing everywhere and ensuring we never had a dull moment, with full and double pulls the routine. One of them was level 34 and the other 39. We also had a Draenei Priest along, and a level 32 Druid. The Druid later left and we replaced him with another Night Elf, this time a Rogue. Well we worked our way mostly to Daon, but in the last room they managed to get all the groups and we wiped. Coming back we realized there’d been a repop behind us. Game over. Well, I’d gotten my book, and we’d killed Locksley, so now what?

So they decided to try the Graveyard. Turns out there is a rare spawn in there that carries a rare sword. (The rare spawn was there but I lost the need roll.)

But here is where this little Paladin shone. The warriors would go to both sides and bring back groups of ghosts. This is where my Consecration spell came in handy. Over and over, and I stayed at the top in DPS. Not bad for a little sword, or Pally survivability. And at nearly 1900 health, if I’m remembering right, I had more health than even the 39 Warrior.


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  1. Valdesta says:

    So, are you doing PUGs here? Or are these guildmates/friends you already know from other toons?

    I fear PUGs, probably because I read the forums too much and read about all the nasty things that have happened in PUGs. Folks need to post more about their good PUG adventures I guess. Maybe that’s what I should do to get over my PUG fear!

    I’ve got a wee pally but I haven’t brought her into any instances yet. I’m enjoying my warrior and priest for now, eventually maybe I’ll get bored enough to work more on the Pally. In the mean time I like reading about what skills others use so when I do play her, I have some strategies to try šŸ™‚

    Valdesta, 62 Troll Hunter + alts, Zul’jin
    WoWGrrl player blog

  2. Kinless says:

    I’m doing pugs.

    My Horde guild is all 70’s, or they’re working on getting to 70 and that means no fooling around.

    My Alliance guild is all mixed levels, very few high levels.

    But, the problem is I’m playing at 7 hours ahead of server time. It’s hard to find guilds, players even, who are instancing at 1 in the afternoon.

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