A new technique.

And the wife was just blown away. She was laughing with power. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

The new idea? For us at least. Honorus gathers together a handful of mobs, she melts them with AoEs. We realized (yes, yes, we’re such noobs) that killing one was as hard as killing six. If I could survive six beating on me, which I can, we can up our kill rate sixfold. Sweet.

Running a Protection build now, she deep in the Arcane tree, we sought mobs we could round up and beat down. The Kurzen guys we gathered up in their huts, and dispatched them. Like pigs in a poke, or fish in a barrel.

Fun, fun. Those Kill X quests should go more quickly now. Warhorse and Chestnut mare, we’ll be collecting ours shortly.

Later, trying to wrap up my Stockades quests, I joined a group with three others. 21 Nelf Priest, 21 Nelf Druid, and a 27 Draenei Shaman. I’d turn on Seal of Light, let the Consecration flow, get mana back from the heals I got. I’d run into groups of Defias prisoners and we’d end their pathetic little riot.

I’ve so much yet to enjoy in this game. Burn-out is other people’s problem.


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  1. Hexapuma says:

    Variation is key!

  2. s4dfish says:

    AoE tanking FTW. My record (with my wife’s help of course) is 14 murloc in one combat. I think I had 9 on me at once, the rest coming from adds. I imagine that grouping with a mage would make it much more efficient. But, regardless, it’s a blast. The hardest part of the routine is finding big enough camps with fast enough respawns so you can spend an hour or so with it.

    I’ve read that the pirates in Tanaris are great that way 😛

  3. Valdesta says:

    As the mage in this situation, it brings great joy to be able to use Flamestrike or Blizzard and cause much ruckas. We like you tanky ppl who can hold attention while we pelt them!

    aka Bluehairmage, 32 Troll Mage

    WoWGrrl player blog

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