“Call me Legion.” Lol.

Last night we took it easy, the wife and I.

Our Blood Elves are nearly done with the new Blood Elf area. The Amani Trolls have been put in their place. We’ve poisoned their food, collected their Juju, killed them, and killed their leader. We’ve also killed the traiterous Blood Elf found in Deathholme, we’ve killed the giant dead guys wandering the place, and now we’re tasked with a few final quests, and that is to find and kill his lieutenants and rescue some folks.

Our Draenei are also coming along. Still on Bloodmyst Isle.

I think I prefer the green, albeit gloomy, atmosphere of the Ghostlands, to the red, stifling, atmosphere of Bloodmyst Isle.

But, flipped around, I liked the Draenei northwestern forest feel of the beginning area a little better than Eversong. I guess I prefer cool green to warm reds and oranges.

Anyway, as we were getting our training, and after Zimraphel logged off, a guild recruitment announcement caught my eye. Legion of Light was recruiting.

I thought to myself “I’m all about the Light, being Draenei.” So I ask the recruiter what kind of levels? Casual or endgame? Some 60’s. Casual. Hmmm. I’m about to take the bait. Wait, wait, do you have a website? Yep. (See sidebar.) Alright, they had me at Legion. Sign me up.

Hello. Welcome. welcome, they greet me with. Hello everyone, I say.

Then I mention to her I had a few more characters. I see that there’s not that many 60’s in the guild. No 70’s. The recruiter, Druid, is only a Private. I later meet the guildmaster in person, a Paladin, and he’s not wearing a set. And he’s got no PvP title. And then I look at the guild roster. So many low and mid-level characters. Cool! This sounds like a casual guild.

So I bring Arcarius on. And get him an invite. They’re happy to get another level 60+ character to instance with.

Then I bring Darkhand on. And get him an invite. At this time I say “Call me Legion.” They laugh.

So I bring Greenclaw on, /gquit the abandoned Nightsong Moon (they having left for a new server), and got him an invite.

Then I brought Freewind on. I feel like I’m pushing the limit of something. (On the other hand that’s 2 40’s, a 48, and a 62 that are new to the guild.) The guildmaster is a blacksmith and offers to make me anything I need. Truesilver Gauntlets and Heavy Mithril Leggings. And I had the materials already. Cool.

Then I brought Honorus on. I think I confused them at this point and got a party invite, and not a guild one. Lol’d, and they /ginvited me.

It turns out the guildmaster was going to go help someone in Uldaman because he likes the place. Cool.

Six invites. So I tell them my wife plays a little too. And she tells me that anyone can recruit. Nice.

And the guild chatter was friendly. No rping, though I ask about it. When I mention that my Horde guild rp’s in guild chat and does out of character stuff in an additional channel they immediately create an lolooc channel. And they plan a lolrp channel for heavy roleplaying. And within seconds of getting each guild invite I was promoted twice, getting the ability to recruit, and they recorded my professions in the player note.

It’s past midnight and I bid them a goodnight. “Goodnight, Legion. Lol.”

It’s nice having a friendly chatter in the background again.


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  1. DM Osbon says:

    Guilds seem to be a strange breed, can’t live with them sometimes but can’t live without.

    My current guild is probably the best one I have been in for community but I still find the lack of good community across the board a downfall in WoW.

    Everyone expects it to be provided by the game itself but its really the one thing we can all bring to the table for free! **keeping fingers crossed on LotR online**

  2. s4dfish says:

    I personally think a good guild makes or breaks the game. I’m fortunate to have found a good guild when initially starting the game and haven’t considered leaving the guild once. A great group of people really make the game more enjoyable and there are nights I log on just to see how everyone is doing, even if I don’t feel like playing. It’s sounds like you’ve found something similar, and I’m happy for you and yours.

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