The Lost Craft.

What happened to it? Where did it go? Is it hidden in the code somewhere, waiting for a new expansion or update to be released? Was it dropped to the cutting room floor, lost forever amidst the crushed cans of Jolt Cola and Cheeto bags?

What I’m I talking about? The very foundation of Warcraft! Wood.

What game of Warcraft did not start with peons being immediately sent to the nearby forest to harvest wood? Wood is the veritable foundation of every crushing victory. And where is it in the World of Warcraft? Nowhere. Why?

How would it work? You could harvest Wood like an Herbalist gathers herbs or a Miner mines ore. I’d love to see a “Tree Node” and when you set to work to harvest it, it would first drop to the ground with the first harvest action, and then disappear when the node is fully tapped. Every area could have it’s own tree types to harvest. With ever increasing level of trees in the higher level areas.

What would you do with wood? Enchanters already require wood for wands. But they buy it from Trading Supplies or Enchanting Supplies people. Simple wood and then Star Wood. But they can only make 3 wands. The Lesser (at 15) and Greater (at 70) Magic Wands, then the Lesser (at 150) Mystic Wand. Requiring Simple and then Star Wood as one material, both you can get from a vendor.

How about more wand types that required gathered materials?

What else could it be good for?

You know leather workers can create armor kits that cover four armor slots. Legs, chest, hands and feet. Why couldn’t gathered wood not supplement this? How about wood armor kits for shoulders. Anyone see a Forest Troll lately? Think wood fashion.

In addition to more wands, what else could be done with them. How about a carpenter craftsman type being able to make weapons and ammo. Just like engineers use metals to makes guns and bullets, how about a carpenter being able to make bows, crossbows, and arrows? Why not? And wooden stocks for engineers to make guns with.

And what blacksmith makes Staves? None. A Carpenter could craft staves. And off-hand items.

Maybe the amount of items that could be made in wood might not warrant a complete crafting profession, so how about a new craft that combines gathering and manufacturing into one? Woodsman. Able to harvest wood, and in addition to providing basic materials for other trades (enchanting, engineering, etc.) be able to produce some armor kits, produce arrows, and produce weaponry like bows, crossbows, staves, and offhands.

Anyway, I’m sure others have thought of it too and I think there’s enough here to provide a little more crafting in the World of Warcraft.

Edit: Crafted Shields! Let them make Pally, Shammy, and Tank shields. At all the levels.


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  1. Christine Doyle says:

    Bah. Leave it for the peons. Otherwise we would all have to run around saying, “Yes, me lord” or “Wot is it?”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Then you could craft chairs and tables for your house and guild house. Could be auctioned.

    Craft arrows, siege weapons, repair bunkers in Alterac Valley. Build towers.

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