New feature over at World of Warcraft: The Armory.

Tobold noticed this. He’s not sure about it given the privacy issue.

I think it’s a pretty cool idea. I’ve set up links to my characters here in the sidebar.

Or I started to until the service died. Beta! 😉


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  1. DM Osbon says:

    Have had a play with this but it did return blank data on some of my enquires. Need to take another look before I make my mind up here…Liber , my main on Runetotem, is not unique across the realms! I could have bet on it being unique…strange minds think alike eh?!

  2. Kinless says:

    My Msaker is the only one. On any realm. I figured at least a few would be familiar with ancient Armenian kings. (Ashot Msaker, aka Ashot “The Carnivore”.) (Other Msakers have been made and deleted by me.)

    And my Exilarch is also the only one. (I did make a test one that’s been deleted now.) Exilarch being the “Leader of the Exile” of the Jews in Babylon.

    I do note a lot of Draenei NPC’s named “Exarch” and that term means a leader who is removed by some distance from the government center, and referred to Byzantine military commanders.

    I also found interesting how many male characters were named Zimraphel or Itarilde. (Women characters in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.)

    I think the system is a little overloaded now, or it’s still really in Beta. I too ran into a few “data errors” when I was browsing.

    Liber being the Thracian(?) God of Wine?

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