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Back from Portes du Soleil. Skied the “Swiss Wall” aka “Wall of Death.” Twice. Survived. Had a great time skiing with friends over the weekend. Warmer there in the Swiss Alps than here in the lowlands. Go figure. And now … Continue reading

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New Blood. Kaelstra, Paladin. On a PvP server to boot. Kaelstra dinged 12 after playing 5 hours. (Droonda is on her way to Italy on a bus at the moment.) He ran into Bloodr and signed the charter for Bloodr’s … Continue reading

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I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. The wife and I play a few characters. We have a Draenei couple, Blood Elf couple, Night Elf couple, and an Orc couple. Oh, yes, a Forsaken couple, and a Human couple. (See … Continue reading

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Retesting Old Waters. I am taking up Gitr’s call to create a Blood Elf character over on the Burning Legion server. BL is a PvP server, and while I did level up Darkhoof (now Blackhoof) to 60, and Msaker and … Continue reading

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Not your ordinary Flight Point. We loved the skiing, Droonda and I. We had sunshine every afternoon, and every morning but one. The last days sky was the purest sky blue you’d ever imagine. (And no Moonkin to run from!) … Continue reading

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Going skiing for a week. The wife and I are going to Austria for a week, so no posts till we get back. So, do me a favor and think snow! P.S. Msaker reports: Ding. (My first level 61 character.)

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