Schedule. Sheep! Looking good. Pushing up Mushrooms in Zangarmarsh.

The wife and I’ve actually got a little schedule going with who we play. Kind of like a DJ’s playlist. I’ve figured it’d be best to stick to a schedule of sorts so we’ve got some order in our multitudinous lives. So, Monday and Wednesday we play our new Draenei, Exilarch and Zimraphel. And Tuesday and Thursday our new Blood Elves, Sunstriker and Halcyon. Friday and Saturday we play Msaker and Droonda. Sunday is a free night. Now the Draenei we’ll stop playing twice a week once they complete their new zone and then start playing our Humans, Effilda and Honorus, again, on Wednesdays, to get them to 40. And the Blood Elves we’ll also stop playing twice a week when they’re finished with their new area as well and spend Thursdays getting our Forsaken, Darbanville, Zauberin, and Zauber to 40 as well. And if we have all those characters at 40… by then Msaker and Droonda could be 70 and we’ll go from there! šŸ™‚

Anyway, last night Sunstriker and Halcyon returned to the Ghostlands. We made short work of the Rangers and Acolytes at Windrunner Spire. Sheeping the Alcolytes and pulling the Rangers for Halcyon to dispatch worked great. And the heals, my god, the healing. Love the heals. We ran a few more quests and Sunstriker reached Revered with Tranquillen. That got him a real spiffy looking set of red and black robes. He also got the mage robes with slightly more intellect on them, but, dammit, I’m a Blood Elf, and the Tranquillen Robes, particularly with the Bandit Mask, just makes me look good. Halcyon too was delighted that a quest reward earned her chest armor that matched her leggings. We’re vain, and proud of it! And she dinged 16 and trained and then journeyed to the Undercity for her audience with another High Elf Ranger, the Banshee Queen, the Dark Lady Sylvanas.

Now when my wife begins nodding off my schedule includes “solo time” afterwards. Blackhoof and Arcarius are using that time now to level up as well.

Blackhoof filled up his quest log with Zangarmarsh quests and set out. His first stop, with his goal being a nice shield to replace The Immoveable Object, was to visit the Sporeggars and gain their trust. That found him locating Fahssn and helping him (her? it?) out. That was by rescuing Mature Spore Sacs from amid the roving, and rather murderous, Bog Giants. And being an herbalist, and bovine, I was kind of in cow heaven there. Level 62, taking on the level 64 Bog Giants, was fine. I put all my totems to use (Searing+Strength+Disease Cleansing+Grace of Air), fired up the Unstoppable Force with Windfury and went to town. It involved healing. Taking on two… involved a bit more healing and a potion. So I rescued 10 Sacs and returned to Fahssn. And seeing it was repeatable, and needing a few more tendrils, it was back into the area. Having rescued 16 more Sacs, and getting the last tendril I needed, I managed to get an add while I was fighting a Bog Lord, and next thing you know this Shaman is part of the natural cycle of life and death, pushing up mushrooms in a cold swamp. (Fitting, midnight and time to log.)

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