From forty to greased lightning. What a difference a color makes.

There’s been a fire sale of sorts going on at Casa Kinless. Both in the Horde and the Alliance departments.

Everything must go!

I’m selling stacks of 20 of anything and everything. Leather? Herbs? You got it. Ore? That too. Magic items? You betcha! Bags? Are ya kidding me?!


Savings? Well, not really. I use auctioneer and have been putting stuff up for sale at the prices that it suggests. Undercutting the competion slightly. And if there is no item there to scan, i.e. Thorium, I’m not selling it yet. (Yah. I’m an auction noob. Probably losing hundreds through naivete. Take advantage of it! 🙂

I’ve got skinners, miners, and herbalists gathering natural resources for sale while they quest. And I’m not wearing the blue drops (plate helm and now cloth leggings) and am selling it all.

I’ve literally made several hundred in the last couple days, and Msaker got the 540g together and bought the epic riding skill. He’d gotten the reins of the Frostwolf a long time ago, for 8g, and he’s now riding at a 215% speed. (Carrot on a stick + Mithril Spurs.) Going from 160% to 215%? Yowza. I’m on rails!

But the sales will go on. Droonda, the Orc Shaman Princess, needs her epic riding skill, and a faster mount. And I’ve got pages of auctions still running on two characters that’ll bring that goal closer.

And Arcarius, he’s got a road ahead of him too. (And he’s got an epic sheep in the bank, 8g, waiting for his day to come too.)

Folks said gold would come fast in the Outlands. Well, it hasn’t been bad frankly. Not as bad as I thought it’d be.

And riding a fast mount, as fast as I can make it, well it feels like the porsche alternative to flying. Really nice. Recommended. 🙂

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  1. Relmstein says:

    I am trying to save up for an epic flying mount (5200gp) and I’m finding the only way to make that much cash in a decent time is to play the auction house. I don’t use auctioneer but I do keep a spreadsheet of the average cost of certain items over times.

    Made a killing when stacks of thorium bars went up to 35gp on our server. Basically every warrior in the game found out about blacksmithed weapons and switched their profession.

  2. Kinless says:

    Orcs are bad at math. 🙂

    My Fubar speed indicator reads 215% now, versus the old 160%. So, yes, +60% and +107% (but you need to be adding both carrot and the spurs), so it’s like +115%.

    I’ve got a couple stacks of Thorium. It remains the most heavily mined ore I know of. (Something about requiring 1,300,000 bars to get those Imperial Plate recipes.)

  3. DM Osbon says:

    A RL friend at work told me yesterday about the ‘Riding Crop’ being a leatherworking pattern that you can get in the Caverns of Time instance..
    it gives a 10% increase on mount speed…Thottbots comment here:

  4. Kinless says:

    Usefulness for my leatherworking afterall. Farming thorium can be left to my underlings. 🙂

  5. DM Osbon says:

    ah further reading suggests that level 69 needed to equip!

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