What am I now?

Back in December of 2005 (see the Archives) I took a little quiz and determined that I was suited to be a Human Paladin. Pretty much in game, as in life, I like to make sure folks are safe and sound. I play healers, or the Tank, or have an animal tanking for me. (And recently in real life I was always following the ski groups I was with, knowing I could keep up with the fastest, and ski the technical stuff, but I still lingered in the back to better keep an eye on the entire “flock” … because I can.) I don’t feel compelled to be a point man. I do feel compelled to do what I can to make the group a success.

Over a year later, what am I suited for? Has playing this game changed me? Changed my outlook on things? Have I become … selfish? Self serving? So I found that old test and retook it.

Human Paladin

Humans tend to be the ones in the middle. Not as sexy as the Night Elves; not as stumpy as the dwarves or gnomes. As a human, you pretty much go with the flow of things.

As a paladin, you like to see that everyone is safe – including yourself. Still an important part of any group, if you get overshadowed, you can always refuse to give them your blessing.

Find out your real-life WoW race and class at QuizGalaxy.com

Go figure. I’m still a Paladin. Yep, sounds exactly right.

What are you?

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  1. Keystone says:

    Wow… it looks like I’m a human priest because I like to help people; however, in WoW I like to help people by melting the face of the person trying to gank them, hence the Mage…

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