The honeymoon is over. Sniff.

Last night the wife told me she’s not really sure about playing her Blood Elf.

I’m the mage, and she’s the Pally. It could be the Pally just plays underpowered.

Maybe, she says. But then she adds that it’s not just that. Maybe that’s not it at all. The Blood Elves are just too … good, and good looking, to be a Horde race. She knows why Blizzard did it, and she thinks it’s been quite successful, these pretty horde & demonic alliance additions, BUT…

They just don’t look right in the Undercity. The bowels of old Lordaeron are Hells Bells and Halloween. Silvermoon City is like Candy Cane Land. And the Blood Elves are giving up Quel’Thalas to move to the Outlands as pilgrims?

I’m hoping she becomes reinspired, because I’d like to see what a mage can do. (Or I’ll need to figure out hotboxing and macros.)

Otherwise we played our Draenei. (Is there a plural form or is it like fish and fish?) Hooved and tentacled in the old lands of the rabbit eared Night Elves. We’ve just entered Bloodmyst Isle and have a lot to do.

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  1. Haaz says:

    I must be the only horde player that didn’t make it past level 4 with my paladin. I just couldn’t get on with it. It felt so….wrong.

    I propose that the forsaken split from the Horde alliance and become the true ‘bad’ team.

    Go go undead.

  2. DM Osbon says:

    I really can’t imagine how fun it mus t be to have a wife play WoW too…or can it have it’s bad moments too?

    I keep planning to roll my first hordie, Troll mage but it hasn’t happened yet…hmmm

  3. Tomas says:

    I think it makes some sense in a way…most of the horde are ‘ugly’ yet possessed of noble souls.

    (Okay – maybe not the Forsaken)

    Yet the BELF’s for all of their physical beauty are pretty repugnant when you scrape the surface on them.

    It’s a dynamic that makes sense in a way.

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