Dag. A year goes by. And the power remains the same.

I was bored and looking up some site stats over on MyBlogLog. One of the ways this site was reached was a Google search for Ressan the Needler. (He’s the albino bat you can occasionally find outside the zep tower in Tirisfal Glades.)

That was in a post I wrote 21 February. A year ago, yesterday. Yowza.

I’ll go ahead and revisit that post now with some comments. Edited version of the year old post in blue, and today’s comments in the usual black.

(This was a little like the post I made this last December about a post I’d made the December before, about Msaker reaching 30 and all.)


Tuesday, February 21

World of Warcrack. The game goes on. And on. I’m sure any player can appreciate what an addiction this game could be. It’s not that there’s been nothing going on, it just that so many different things are going on it’s hard to catalog it here.

Heh. Nothing’s changed. I’m still as deeply engrossed as a year ago. Just doing different things…

Darkhoof continues in the weekly raids to Molten Core. He missed last weeks Onyxia run where the guild finally took her down again.Last night we wanted to do a little World PvP.

Darkhoof became Blackhoof and transferred to Kirin Tor. There he no longer raided since there’s no raids going on at noon server time, :(, and he got his PvP in the Battlegrounds, reaching exalted with Frostwolf before Msaker upstaged him, then Arcarius.

So I went to Kirin Tor to do a little business.On Kirin Tor I’ve already told you about Morticai, my 24 Undead Warrior, and perhaps Mortiangelo, my lvl 9 Undead Priest. (These play across from my wife’s Zauberin, a level 22 Undead Mage.)

Morticai died when Msaker transferred over to Kirin Tor, and Mortiangelo died when Darbanville joined. No need for duplicate warriors or priests in the same faction on one server. This was due to my consolidating onto one server. I’m beginning to spread out again. šŸ™‚ Zauberin is still around, and level 37 now.

We’d already made Greenclaw and Zaniah (NE Druid and Warrior) and Freewind and Itarilde (NE Warrior and Druid) there.

Greenclaw survived and Zaniah died. My wife did not care for playing a warrior, and then created Winkydink, a gnome warrior. There’s a certain … “charm” to the class. And the race. Freewind and Itarilde have joined the ranks of the mounted.

We’ve now made Grimtounge and Theodora (Human Warlock and Priest), and Weisenheimer and Minkypoo (Gnome Mage and Warlock).

I kept mispelling that damn name over and over. It’s Grimtongue!!!! (Isn’t it?) Well, he was killed off to make room for Arcarius and Darkhand. Theodora was let go to make room for Effilda. Weisenheimer returned to his studies in Gnomeregan University, and Minkypoo faded away when no news came from him.

I’ve also made Ogresson, a level 20 Dward Hunter. His pets include Dottir, the white bear that ate some Dwarf Pilot, Sorrow, a rare white bat I tamed outside of Brill, and Whambam, a boar that I used in Warsong Gulch because he has a nice little charge/stun move going for him.

Hunters come, hunters go. Ogresson’s gone, a Night Elf huntress. Procyona, is gone. And in their place are Iduve, Draenei Huntress, Sunhawk, Blood Hunter, and Caelik, Dwarf Hunter.

I wanted a Horde side Hunter and created a Troll Huntress, Makeda. My wife made a Troll Shaman named Nzhinga. I thought two hunters working in Tandem would be affective so she created an Orc Huntress named Amazulu. And so I created an Orc Warlock named Unkulunkulu. And, unbeknownst to me, she’d also created a Dwarf Paladin named Tapfer.

All gone. The limit of 10 characters on a server is particularly a harsh one for those suffering from Altism.

These are the twelve steps of World of Warcraft Anonymous. 1. We admit we were powerless over WoW; that our lives have become unmanageable. 2. We come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity…. Oh, wait, got to go. The guild’s thinking of raiding ZG and I need to repair and get some potions made. I’ll finish this later.

Last night Iduve, level 6, got her dress from Moonglade in the Lunar Festival celebration. Warcraft is the greater power.

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