Back from Portes du Soleil.

Skied the “Swiss Wall” aka “Wall of Death.” Twice. Survived. Had a great time skiing with friends over the weekend. Warmer there in the Swiss Alps than here in the lowlands. Go figure.

And now that I’m back, to get into the swing of things, 1) Honorus (taking the teal suit) escorted Winkydink for the Lunar Festival quest, 2) Sunstriker (blue suit) escorted Halcyon, 3) Sunhawk (black suit) did the journey, and 4) Kaelstra (also the black suit) undertook the journey himself. The last trip, on a PvP server, was uneventful.

Yes, a level 22 Rogue spotted me, Forsaken, and whispered “Whoa. Level 12 you alone??” I said, “Yeah, just getting flight point and quest.” As I made my selection a ?? Human Mage showed up. No worries. I was done and made my way back. Dinged 13 on this little journey as well.

5 coins = Nice pants suit or festival dress.

Horde Coins: UC+Brill+Sepulcher+Razor Hill+Orgrimmar.
Alliance Coins: Stormwind City+Ironforge+Kharanos+Auberdine+Darnassus.

(There are more coins, but you only need five to come away with your vanity gear.)

In the last city you do the fireworks quest, get your invite, and teleport to Moonglade. Very important (unless you like killing lots of Furbolgs) is to grab your faction flight point for Moonglade while you’re there. The Night Haven Flightpoint is for Druids only though. Each faction has their own in addition to the in-town Druid one.


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  1. Excaliber1 says:

    Welcome back! 😀 hope you had an awesome time.

  2. Kinless says:

    Thanks, Ex. It was.

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