How to get a Blood Elf Bandit Face Mask.

(In case you’re googling for it, I’ll go ahead and post it.)

Alright. I think every Blood Elf should be wearing one.

You need to be level 5 to wear it, it counts as miscellaneous armor, any class can wear it, and it’s not soulbound. (It’s not Rogue only like the red Defias Face Mask.)

And there’s an Archmage (NPC) in Silvermoon City wearing it.

And you’ll see what it looks like in the picture below on Sunstriker. Halcyon has one now too.

And you’re wondering to yourself “GET ON WITH IT! HOW DO I GET ONE!?”

Well, head on over to Azuremyst Isle. This is the level 5-12 Draenei area. That’s right. Right where the Exodar is located.

If you’re thinking “This is a job for a high level toon.” You might be right. Because it helped greatly to be able to ride around on a circuit looking for these. My Night Elf Hunter had no trouble getting around. Horde characters will have some difficulty in getting over there. But, it’s easier to get onto Azuremyst Isle than into Darnassus. (I imagine, don’t know 100%.)

BUT, but, that is not to say low level characters couldn’t do it on their own. I saw a band of low (5-12) level Blood Elves (I kid you not!) running around Azuremyst Isle.

The face mask drops off a stealthed level 7 mob called Blood Elf Bandit. The mobs spawn site moves around as well. However, they tend to mostly be on the roads. On the west side on the road going south to north, and on the southern east to west road. And elsewhere. I encountered more bandits on these two roads than elsewhere.

The bandits are stealthed and hang out just off the road. Near a lamp post, or a tree, or something. I think I found about 10 different spawn points. I use Cartographer and just made a map note to indicate where. (Should I want to repeat the exercise.) (You can just search Thottbot to get a map of spawn points. And, for me, the western spawns were better. It might also have been the Horde Druid that was getting all the eastern hits.)

Oh yes, north of the Exodar, on the beach with the Murloc camps, each camp is a spawn point as well.

Mounted it took me over an hour to get two masks to drop. It’s going to take a while. But, if you’re into vanity wear, this one can’t be beat.

And that’s how you get one of the Blood Elf Bandit Face Masks.

Edit: Here’s the link to Thottbot for the map.


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  1. dm osbon says:

    I had a player trying to buy mine of me…basically chasing my Shaman all over Azure’ Isle…50s? 70s?…must have said i didnt want to sell about 5 times..LOL how obsessed people can get over having an item…just grind for it like me & you both did…isnt that part of the fun?!

  2. dm osbon says:

    bad typo…should read ‘off’ not ‘of’…(slaps upside me head)

  3. Kinless says:

    There might be a little money to be made here as well. I’ve heard them selling between 6 and 25g each.

  4. dm osbon says:

    Woah that’s insane!

  5. Kinless says:

    A twink and his main’s money are soon parted. 🙂

  6. ZotteStef says:

    Great post. i’m going to check that out this evening.

  7. Tomas says:

    I was wondering what the deal was – the trade channel on Lightninghoof is always full of folks trying to sell the things for like 12G…

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    do you have to have the “Bunrning Crusads” Expation pack to get to azuramist isle, when ever i try to get on the ship mt guy gets telported into the forests of darkshore.

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